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Tahitian Noni - Testimonials and Scientific Studies

Morinda, Inc. or any other commercial company and its distributors do not make any medical
claims and is not associated with the contents of this document in anyway.
This document is a compilation of information gathered on the internet and provided here
for your education only. It is in no way meant to be taken as medical advice or be used
as a substitution for any medical treatment.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Department of Agriculture
maintain a list of plants that have no known harmful ingredients and which over
the test of time with large numbers of people have proven themselves to be safe
for human consumption by the general population. This is known as the GRAS list,
and it stands for Generally Recognized As Safe.
Based on the fact that after careful scientific analysis no harmful
ingredients were found, and the Hawaiian and Polynesian people have been
using this health building herb without harm for thousands of years,

Testimonials from Physicians

Prostate Cancer - Liver Cancer
By Dr. Owen Fraser

I am a general Surgeon. My specialty is Cryo Surgery of the Liver.
Most of the time when I see the patient they are on the edge of dying unless the surgery works.
I got the Noni Juice after speaking with and reading much about Noni sent to me
by Priscilla Salazar Martynez, Steven Shields, and Colene Allen, LMT.
Whatever it takes, I want my patients to have a chance for healing.
One patient had Prostate Cancer, NO MORE. One had Liver Cancer, NO MORE.
Three were at the end, but the pain was helped by Noni Juice so that they were
and are coherent without heavy drugs. All this is less than eight weeks.
I am really going to keep working with this Juice and hope that you will see the results too.

Dr. Owen Fraser , Gen. Surgeon

Diabetic's Insulin Intake is Cut in Half!
By Ruth Close, R.N.

Celebrate! Celebrate! That is how I feel every day since I was introduced to Noni juice a year ago.
I am an insulin dependent diabetic for 16 years.
I had tried every alternative trying to find something that would help me
feel better and be able to take less insulin.
In 3 weeks of taking Noni Juice every day my insulin was cut in half.
I had so much energy; leg cramps were gone, and I was sleeping much better at night.
It was hard to believe the results, but it made a real difference in my health status.
One of the things diabetics worry about is burns and cuts.
I had put my hand on the stove which I thought I had turned off.
Screaming in pain I quickly poured some Noni on the dishcloth and held it on the palm of my hand.
In 11 seconds (I counted) the pain was gone!
My hand did not blister, drain or hurt the rest of the evening.
In the morning I looked, and all I could see was a reddened area,
and that disappeared in another 24 hours.
That is truly amazing for a diabetic.
Having taken it faithfully for a year I noticed other differences - my hair is growing
faster and becoming thicker; my finger nails are growing stronger and are not breaking off.
This past winter we were in Zimbabwe, Africa, doing medical mission work and visiting mission stations.
I took my Noni with me and remained healthy the entire time.
I wish Zimbabwe was one of the countries that Morinda, Inc. was going into to
distribute it because the aids virus is killing babies, mothers, and fathers by the thousands.
TB is everywhere because it is a secondary infection of aids.
As a registered nurse for 30 years, it was hard for me to believe that
several ounces of juice a day could change my life in such a dramatic way.
After having major surgery on September 30th and healing up so fast the words
the medical doctors used were: "amazing, unbelievable, incredible!"
What can I say but "Thank you, Morinda, Inc. for bringing Noni Juice to me."
Now with the addition of Noni Skin Supplement" and Hoa I really feel more
energetic and balanced. After my bath, I rub the Noni Skin Supplement all over my body.
This winter I have not battled dry skin, skin cracks in the fingers or heels or dry skin.
The Hoa has helped me feel more satisfied with my diet,
and I do not crave sweets any more.
It contains no sugar which is a real plus for a diabetic.
God is good.
Life is good.
Thank you, Morinda, Inc.

Ruth Close, R.N.

Allan Bailey has been a pharmacist since 1970.
By Allan Bailey, Pharmacist

Allan Bailey has been a pharmacist since 1970. He is also a master herbalist,
a certified iridologist (one who studies the color, markings, and changes in the iris
to detect disease), and a natural health counselor.
I'm a naturopathic pharmacist who counsels people about natural health.
I try to teach my clients to maintain better level of health and minimize their need
for drugs and surgery by using natural products.
Whenever I travel to foriegn countries, I try to talk to the local healers
about their remedies. I first learned about noni on a visit to French Polynesia.
The Polynesian healers referred to noni as one of the most important plants
they used in their herbal therapies.
One researcher in French Polynesia, who'd studied the uses of over three hundred herbs,
felt that noni was one of the most vital healing plants.
I took some noni juice home with me and began to drink it regularly.
It helped me get more restful sleep, so I felt energized and refreshed when I woke up.
I noticed that I could do more during the day than I had in the past,
because noni gave me added energy and endurance.
I decided to give noni juice to my diabetic mother.
She had tiny sores all over her arms and legs that had not responded to any treatment
for three years. I had her take a tablespoonful of noni three times a day.
After she had taken a bottle and a half, the sores had totally cleared up.
Noni also gave her more energy and more enthusiasm to exercise,
which helped her control her blood sugar.
I have a close friend whose arms had been wasting away and had violent arm and leg twitches.
After two weeks of drinking noni, he called to tell me,
"On the seventh day of drinking that juice you suggested, I didn't have any twitches
and I haven't had any since then. I'm starting to feel more strength in my arms."
That was six months ago, and he's continuing to improve.
Noni has done so much good in my family that I decided to recommend it to my clients.
One man had an ulceration on his leg that was prone to erupting.
The skin around the ulcer was itchy and irrated.
After he drank the noni and applied it topically for a few weeks,
the ulcer was completely healed and surrounding area didn't bother him anymore.
Now the circulation and color are coming back. He still soakes a bandage in noni
and wears it on the spot where the ulcer was, just to make sure noni's always
working on the area. Noni has generated more calls from clients about its benefits
than any other product I have ever recommended.
On a daily basis I see people who haved benefited from it amazingly.
From the experiences that people have shared, I feel noni has universal applications.
Noni juice should be included as a part of everbody's daily nutrition because
it helps us absorb essential nutrients from our diets and supplements.
Noni is the missing piece of the health puzzle.

Pharmacist - Allan Bailey, Pharmacist

Hope this note finds you in good health!
By Dr. Robert L. Bodin

Dear Friends and Patients,
Hope this note finds you in good health! As you know, I am dedicated to what I believe
is in the best interest of my patients and friends.
Through all the years, I have only promoted one product - the Gel Kam fluoride.
My staff and I have explained what it can do for you, and have personally seen
the results of its action. I have studied the research on the effects of fluoride on adults and,
consequently, use the product myself.
I have found another health product that I would like to introduce to you.
I believe it will have even farther reaching and more dramatic effects on your health.
The product is from the virgin forests of Tahiti and is made from a fruit that
has been used for its medicinal value in that area for thousands of years.
It is called Morinda Citrafolia.
I have included with this letter some additional information on the Noni Juice,
as well as a special addition of "Health News".
The Noni has been shown to cause cell regeneration and an increase in cellular function.
Through these biochemical processes, morinda citrifolia has a tremendous effect
on most all tissues of the body.

The company information and testimonials are abundant, however, my basic scientific nature
seeks assurance of these things before I use them or support their use.
I have introduced several friends, patients and relatives to Noni and they have
had beneficial results. We have had personal reports from friends that range from
eliminating cold sores on our daughter-in-law and other patients in less than a day,
to increased concentration of children at school;
thus, resulting in grade increases on projects and papers.

Several of the women that have taken it have reported less severe menstrual cramps,
elimination of headaches and an overall aid in eliminating the intensity of many
other problems on the list of potential uses.
The people engaged in heavy work and/or sports have had decreases
in stiffness and other maladies from such activities.

I, personally, have had a dramatic reduction in the allergic reaction to the gloves
that I use in the treatment room.
I now have minor reactions, whereas before I had very severe skin inflammations.
Now, when these skin reactions appear, I simply put the Noni on the area and within 24 hours
I have almost a complete elimination of very severe tissue trauma.

I know you trust my judgment on your dental health, mostly, I think,
because you find that I stay current with dentistry and search out what is best for you.

I think that you should try Noni yourself and see if it will help you the way
it has helped so many other people that I personally know.
It has worked wonders for me.

Best Wishes though the Holiday Season!

Dr. Robert L. Bodin


I cherish the opportunity to share with the public my experiences
as an MD using the natural approach to health.
I am a graduate of the City University of New York Medical School.
While training at Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut, my husband, who was
an Education Administrator for the New York City Board of Education,
was diagnosed with liver cancer. I gathered information on all the clinical trials
going on in the Tri-state area on liver cancer, however we ended up at
the Cooper University Teaching Hospital in Camden New Jersey
with Dr. Order - an authority on liver cancer.
Ten weeks later my husband died.
It was this tragedy that sparked my interest in alternative medicine.
If I had the information I have now, my husband might still be alive.

We now have a clinic in memory of memory of my husband, where we help patients
to improve their health by monitoring their nutrition in combination with the use of natural products.
I have been on several radio and television stations such as WLIB,
WHBA, WWRL and Manhattan Cable, during which I appealed to medical schools
to start including the natural approach in their training and expand their curriculum
to include more courses in nutrition.
I am constantly invited to give lectures on Alternative Medicine at colleges,
community centers and churches.
The Harlem State Health, Holistic Health Watch and the Natural Way Health for the
Community are a few of the places I have been invited to speak at.

In my experience with different natural products, NONI tops them all!
Patients are faxing in their testimonials everyday.
They are reporting results of relief from a variety of conditions such as diabetes,
high blood pressure, persistent coughs, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome,
and arthritis to name a few.

I particularly like the mechanism by which NONI works.
It stimulates and boost the body's immune system therefore enabling it to heal itself.
If anyone asks their physician whether or not they should use NONI,
and they reply "NO" - please contact me because the doctors ignorance does not account for your health.
There is sufficient research data to substantiate this product's validity.

As I pointed out earlier, in medical schools we are not taught very much about nutrition and herbs.
My suggestion is to be open and try something new, especially when the old
conventional ways are not working for you.
I would recommend NONI to anyone.
Even those who are healthy for a general health tonic. An ounce of prevention is worth a TON of treatments!


NONI Juice for arthritis
By Dr. Bryant Bloss, Surgeon

Dr. Bloss is an orthopedic surgeon certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.
He graduated cum laude in pre-med from Georgetown College in Kentucky and received
hismedical degree from the University of Louisville.
Dr. Bloss served as the team physician for a number of sports teams in Indiana.
He has had a surgical practice in Evansville, Indiana, for thirty-four years.

- Although I primarily practice conservative orthopedics, I am heavily involved
in research on arthritis. My brother developed rheumatoid arthritis in college,
so I am always interested in any new information on the subject.
My neighbor brought over the first HEALTH NEWS edition on noni juice,
but I passed it off for two months. When I finally got around to reading it,
I saw the article on arthritis and thought, "Hmm, maybe there's something to it."

Before I used noni juice in my practice, I tried it myself and had a lot of personal success with it.
I used to be unable to sleep on my stomach because of back pain.
Noni has also increased my energy level.
My opponents on the tennis court have noticed that my reaction time is much faster.

Since then I have used noni juice on seventy of my patients.
Fifteen of my patients with chronic back pain found that noni completely relieved their pain.
Eight other patients had knee pain from osteoarthritis until noni made their pain virtually disappear.
Several of my patients with type II diabetes lowered their blood sugar with noni juice.

One diabetic patient with chronic back pain found that for the first time in fifteen years,
he could bend over and pick up balls on the tennis court. He could also golf again without
always being laid up afterward. The other day he told me that he'd had a case of Bell's palsy.
His family physician had told him he'd be laid up for six weeks with a patch on his swollen eye,
but he doubled the amount of noni juice he was taking and in three days all his symptoms were gone.

Three of my asthma patients experienced dramatic improvements in their asthma coughs after using noni.

I've been especially aware of the improvements in the lives of my arthritis patients.
Many of them have had significant results. Two people, including a patient and a physician,
have called to say that noni took away the stiffness in their hands within twenty-four hours.

Noni juice has been very effective for the majority of my patients.
I offer it as a food supplement, Not as a drug, and most of them choose using it.
Noni juice has improved not only my life, but the lives of many of my patients.

Dr. Bryant Bloss, Surgeon

NONI Juice for Chiropractic.
By Dr. Delbert Hatton

Dr. Delbert Hatton, D.C., earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer College
of Chiropractic. He also has a bachelor's degree in biology.
- For about forty years, I had a constant nagging ache in my lower back from unevenly formed vertebrae.
The pain prevented me from doing even normal household activities.
After only six weeks of taking noni, the pain disappeared.

I began recommending noni to my patients last fall.
Since then I have had nothing but success with it. The most amazing situation I know
of is a woman with AIDS. Since she has been drinking noni,
her T-cell count has gone from 169 to 400 and her symptoms have stabilized.
I also have a relative with lung cancer whose tumors have decreased in size since he's been taking noni.
Several years ago, a patient of mine was traumatically injured in an auto accident.
He broke several ribs, his shoulder, and his knee.
Since then he's had a lot of problems with arthritis, especially in his knee.
When he started using noni, the pain in his knee went away immediately and he had
a gradual decrease in the pain in his ribs and shoulder. Now he is a happy, pain-free man.

One patient had broken the bones in her ankle and had lingering pain
and swelling in the injury for a year and a half. Only ten days after she started taking noni,
the pain and swelling were gone.

I attribute this to the noni fruit's ability to open up the cell wall,
allowing nutrients to be absorbed and waste material to dissipate from diseased or damaged cells.

I have seen incredible results among my patients and others who have used noni.
I would recommend noni to anyone with any kind of health problem.

Dr. Delbert Hatton

Dr. Hall is a board certified in family practice.
By Dr. Steven M. Hall, M.D.

Dr. Hall is a board certified in family practice. He attended medical school at the University
of Utah and completed his residency in Saginaw, Michigan. For two and a half years,
Dr. Hall was the only doctor in a small town in Maine.
Since 1991 he has had his own practice in wellness medicine.

Since completing my residency I've thought a lot about what true health and wellness mean.
Over the years I've studied several philosophies that have led me to where
I am today--practicing alternative, or wellness, medicine.
I treat people with chronic conditions like chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome,
and chronic pain. These patients have had no success with traditional treatments.
I have found these are the kinds of conditions that noni helps the most.
Not only does noni juice provide many benefits on its own,
it also increases the effectiveness of other treatments.
The major key to noni's effectiveness is that it contains significant amounts of proxeronine,
which becomes xeronine when ingested. Xeronine is important because it helps the body turn enzymes on and off.
Trying to operate your body's enzymes without xeronine is like driving a car
with a sloppy link in the steering column--your steering is sluggish and it's
difficult to control the car. If your body has enough xeronine, it's like having the tight,
precise steering of a race car.

Anything that improves enzymes activity has wide-ranging effects, because all of your body's
functions depend on enzymes. Some of the best results I've seen with noni juice were in patients
with inflammation problems such as arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, or carpal tunnel.
In our culture, the kind of diet we eat makes it easy for our bodies to turn on the inflammatory process.

Thirty to forty percent of the calories we get are from sugar, which means that we are,
by definition, malnourished. This makes it hard for our bodies to regulate themselves.
I think noni helps the body regulate itself and control the inflammatory process.
Noni is incredible because it offers help to people who could not be helped by traditional
medical science. Instead of giving people the standard vitamin and mineral supplements,
we can help their bodies reach another level of cellular and molecular regulation.

I've personally had debilitating back pain for over ten years.
I have three degenerative discs and a large Schmorl's node on the anterior edge of L2 with
osteophyte formation. I've tried everything I could think of: Chiropractic, Hellerwork,
Naturopathy, Yoga, acupuncture, aerobics, massage, dialoguing...all with slowly
progressive worsening of my pain. Three weeks on Noni and the pain and spasms were gone.
I could get out of bed without 20 minutes of stretching, pick up my six year old again,
chop and load firewood...the list goes on. I feel like I have a second chance at life.

In the last 4 months, using Noni on select patients in my practice,
here is just a sampling of what I've seen:

A 35 y/o male with high pressure job and stressful personal life with exhausted adrenals,
multiple food and environmental sensitivities, fatigue, mental illness.
We'd already been treating for months with diet, DHEA, seriphos, CranioSacral therapy
and counseling...all with marginal results. Adding noni to his regimen, in a matter of weeks
his fatigue was gone, his mind clear and he could liberalize his diet without adverse consequences.

A 75 y/o male with matastactic prostrate cancer, most recent PSA of 56, added noni
to his conventional treatment regimen and within two weeks, his PSA was 1.1.

A 63 y/o female, three years ago recovered from 15 year bout with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
experienced a relapse in August following a viral Infection.
She added Noni to all of the natural things she had been doing for the previous two months
and within 5 days was 90% better. She is now essentially back in remission.

A 38 y/o female with migraine headaches with every menstrual period her entire life,
had tried Oriental Medicine, cranial osteopathy, hellerwork, hypnosis all without relief.
She has now had four periods in a row without a headache.

Three teenagers with severe acne have completely cleared and been able to stop their antibiotics.

A 19 y/o female with 18 months of Mono-like syndrome-fatigue, night sweats, aching.
She had to quit college, quit her job, and move back home. One week on noni and she was better.

This list could go on and on. This product is so helpful to so many that I strongly encourage
you to try it and let the product speak for itself.
I'd be willing to bet that you'll be glad you did!

Dr. Steven M. Hall, M.D.

Dr. Harrison received her degree from the University of Maryland and went on to become
By Dr. Mona Harrison

Dr. Harrison received her degree from the University of Maryland and went on to become
the assistant dean of Boston University School of Medicine.
As chief medical officer for D.C. General Hospital, she directed the trauma center,
emergency center, and outpatient services.
She currently specializes in pediatrics and family medicine.

As a doctor, I find it necessary to stay current with the alternative medical
products on the market. I have to know what effects they may have on my patients.
I learned about the noni juice a few months ago from one of my staff members.
After two weeks on noni, she had experienced dramatic results, including the virtual
elimination of her varicose veins and a long-term digestive problem.
I sent several bottles to patients around the country. I told them to try noni,
but didn't let them know there was anything extraordinary about it.
The following results have been documented by other physicians and are not just my own observations.

One of my patients was suffering from kidney cancer with metastases,
or the movement of malignant cells, to her lung and brain.
She had been given only two weeks to live. Within that two-week period,
she took noni juice and it cleared up her lung lesions.
That was back in November (1996) and she is still with us.

Another patient who had positive results with noni was a woman with degenerative arthritis
who'd been in pain for approximately twenty years. She'd had knee replacements in 1990,
but that didn't solve the problem. She had to walk with a cane and had a hard time
getting up from a sitting position.
After being on noni for three days, she was able to throw her cane away,
get up from a sofa, and run most of the way across the room without pain.
She knew that the noni had done it, because it was the only thing she had changed in her life.

Another patient who had liver cancer and a swelling of fluid in the abdominal area.
After seven days on noni juice this acidic fluid cleared up completely.
She had the first case I mentioned were terminally ill cancer patients who
no one anticipated would make it, but they are alive today because of noni.

I also had a patient with macular degeneration, a dark spot on the back of her eye,
who was helped by the noni. Her vision had deteriorated so much that she was essentially blind.
She'd been to some of the best ophthalmologists and top medical centers,
but they hadn't been able to help her.
After two and a half weeks on the noni, her ophthalmologist documented that there was
a regeneration of cells to replace the ones that had deteriorated.

Another woman had a cyst on the back of her neck.
She had felt it under the skin for months. Noni was able to draw the cyst out to the point
that it could be lanced and removed without a problem.

Noni juice also dramatically improves high blood pressure.
One woman's blood pressure was 170/100 and we could not budge it.
After two months on noni, it's 130/80.

All of these results stem from noni's enhancement of the activities of the pineal gland.
This vital gland is where serotonin is produced, from which melatonin is synthesized.
Melatonin helps regulate sleep, mood, puberty, and ovarian cycles.
In the brain, serotonin and melatonin affect conditions multiple sclerosis.
With MS, a pigmented area in the brain called the substantia nigra is missing some
of the needed pigment. Noni juice restores this chemical material to the brain,
causing a favorable response in people with MS.
There are serotonin receptors in the digestive tract as well, so noni can improve digestion.
Noni also balances the body's pH levels, which affect one's ability to absorb minerals and vitamins.
Noni enhances the function of the thyroid and thymus glands,
helping to ward off infections and other problems with the immune system.
It can even reverse depression, because it allows neural hormones to work.
Noni juice helps the pancreas to balance blood sugar.
Women who drink noni juice have fewer cramps, and men who drink noni
have less swelling in their prostate.
Noni basically enhances whatever medical treatment a patient is receiving.
I've spoken to ancient healers in Hawaii who consider this to be a sacred fruit
and they aren't at all surprised by the incredible medical results we've had with the noni.

The modern world of medicine is finally starting to catch up to the knowledge of ancient times.
We now have the equipment necessary to evaluate what it is about the noni plant
that allows it to cause such dramatic improvement in so many areas of the body.
Noni, an ancient remedy, is finally being validated by breakthroughs in modern technology.

Dr. Mona Harrison

Dr. Kolodney is a doctor of chiropractic medicine in Pennsylvania.
By Dr. Sam Kolodney

Dr. Kolodney is a doctor of chiropractic medicine in Pennsylvania.
Drinking noni juice has strengthened my entire body. It helps wake me in the morning
after my son has kept me up most of the night. With noni my eyes open right up
and I'm ready for the day. Noni even cured my athlete's foot.
Noni has been great benefit to my patients with arthritis.
After three weeks on noni, one women's arthritic pain completely went away.
Another man had such severe arthritis he couldn't even pick up a pen,
but after a month on noni he was able to grasp objects easily again.
Noni juice is the only holistic health product I use in my practice.
There are few products that are as generally beneficial as noni--that's why I recommend it.

I prefer to focus on health and bring my patient to the consciousness
that they can help themselves feel better.
Noni helps them do this because it improves the entire spectrum of health,
not just a single problem. Noni helps you body generate life force
and revives your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Dr. Sam Kolodney

Dr. Richard Picks received a degree in naturopathy from Bernadean University.
By Dr. Richard Picks

Dr. Richard Picks received a degree in naturopathy from Bernadean University.
He currently works as an educator, speaking on motivational and nutritional
topics throughout the United States and Canada.

- I am involved with natural health care primarily because of my son.
He has a bone disease and a special kind of arthritis that confine him to a wheelchair.
My son has been in a tremendous pain since he was very young.
As I've looked for answers to help him, I've found answers for thousands of people.

Noni juice sparked my interest because of its reputation for massive pain relief.
In the natural health care field, we face the challenge of not being able
to do much for a patient who has moved into an acute or degenerative stage of pain.
When I heard about noni juice from a friend, I decided to do my own detective work on it.
For eight months I used it myself and gave it to my son without telling anyone.
My son's pain dissipated until it was almost gone.

Noni juice is effective because it helps cells massively regenerate.
Once this regeneration goes into effect, people really start to reap the benefits.

Another exciting thing about noni juice is the delivery system.
Since it's a liquid and not another pill, it's very easy to take,
both psychologically and physically. Noni juice fits into everyone's lifestyle.
We're beginning to realize that we must get back to basics with our bodies.
What it boils down to is either burn nutrients or burn your body.
Noni saves our bodies by giving us the nutrients we need.

Dr. Richard Picks

Testimonial of Family Physician Joel Fuhrman, MD
By Family Physician Joel Fuhrman, MD

As a family physician who specializes in nutritional medicine,
I have found certain natural products to be helpful for various conditions,
especially in combination with aggressive dietary change and optimal nutrition.

I started using Noni juice with my patients and never have I seen a product
so effective for so many different conditions.
To my amazement, Noni Juice offered relief in the majority of cases for many
different conditions. Almost every patient reported pain relief
from musculoskeletal symptoms.
It worked remarkably well for degenerative joint disease,
autoimmune illness like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and even garden-variety back pain.

My father has chronic lymphocytic leukemia with a steadily worsening anemia
and a climbing white blood cell count. After just two weeks on Noni Juice,
his anemia improved, and his white count dropped from 115 to 76.
Not only that, my father had suffered severe ankle injuries during World War 11.
After only five days of being on Noni, he could dance pain-free after being in -pain for years.

Other physicians including Steven Hall M.D., corroborated my findings with their patients,
as well. Dr. Hall wrote me, "Ten years of chronic back pain gone within three weeks
of starting this juice. Twenty-three years of menstrual headaches gone after taking
the morinda citrifolia. A forty-year old female who suffered a stroke after spinal
disc surgery, resolved her lid- lag, vision,
and limb pain within three weeks of starting Noni Juice."

I urge all health professionals to try Noni Juice on themselves and their patients.
I'm convinced it could make a significant difference in most people's health.

Joel Fuhrman, MD

Testimonials from Patients
ADD/LD Memory-Focus
By Julie A. Pinn

I have been taking Noni every morning and night since February 16, 1997.
It is totally remarkable that my finger joints in my hands don't hurt anymore.
I have better circulation in my body, and one toe on my left foot isn't numb any more.
My back and neck pain have greatly diminished. My monthly period doesn't bother me as much, i.e.
I am less emotional and have no feeling of bloating or heavy cramping.
Noni has truly been a blessing to me in this area.
The floaters in my eyes are greatly diminished, and my eyes are less sensitive to the sun.
I have better concentration, and when I do misplace something I find it right away as I
can think/remember where I put it.
When I'm in conversation I don't forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence,
and am able to continue with ease where I left off.
I get sinus colds and bronchial related problems regularly. Noni has greatly helped me in this area.
Around the middle of March 1997 I was very sick (as were many people in Illinois) with this Illinois bug.
I had run out of Noni that same week, and I noticed everything was beginning to regress.
When my Noni arrived I recovered quickly from a bad virus that has put many people in the hospital
or kept them at home for weeks.
Noni juice has, given me more energy, and very good sound sleep.
I wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with energy to go all day.
It is helping me to lose weight and keep it off as it seems to curb my appetite.
I am eating good food, too, and walking every day. I haven't felt this good in years,
and I am 37 years old to date.
I want to stress to everyone SIMPLY TRY IT and let NONI help you feel better!

Julie A. Pinn - 4-15-97

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
By David and Kathy Deuney

My name is Kathy. My son David was diagnosed as having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
and was having trouble controlling his anger. The school he was going to couldn't deal with children
like our David. The atmosphere at school induced anger in David, which you could see in his eyes
(like daggers). He stayed in that school for two years like that then he said:
"This is enough, I won't go to school if I have to go there!" So together with the counselor,
we decided to send him to a school called 'Sojourner'.
Even with meds, David had to meet many challenges. He was taking 8 meds a day.
He started with Ritalin but that just made him wilder. The teachers called to say his behavior
was worse than before. Then they gave him Dextrosat (a form of Dexadrine).
We took him to a therapist to find out what was bothering him and getting him into trouble with the police.
His grades dropped to nearly failing (C's, D's and F's).
Together, David and I decided to try Noni' Juice. Right away we saw a change in him.
We started to see if anyone else could see the difference. The school had an open house in October.
One of his teachers asked: "Who are you sending to school in David's clothes?"
Let me say that I was pretty excited. Then something happened. We ran out of Noni Juice.
It took up to two weeks for our next shipment. David's teacher called one day and said to come
and get David from school. He had gotten upset over something and had knocked a chair over.
The teacher said he didn't want him to ruin his good record.
The next day, we received our shipment and soon after I was getting good reports again.
His grades went up to A's and B's. In fact, he got the highest grade in one class.
He also is beginning to be mainstreamed into the middle school, one class this quarter,
two classes next quarter. After being removed from religion class two years ago,
he is now being confirmed with his class.
The other day, I had a chance to talk to David's hockey coach.
He plays on the New Prague Pee Wee "A" team. The coach was saying how much of a change
he was in David from last season to this. He was also saying that some of the parents were
telling him about the great difference they saw in David. And I said:
"Ya, he hasn't been in the penalty box as much."
We told David's doctor about Noni (which he pronounced 'nuni') but after he searched the internet
and with us leaving the brochure for him, he now knows how to pronounce 'Noni'.
David is now down to 3-4 pills a day. Our doctor suggested we change David's meds this summer
to one pill a day.
This story started at 9-10 years old and David is now 13 1/2 years old.
P.S. Now David is happy with himself and smiles a lot and his eyes sparkle.
We just realized David has dimples!

David and Kathy Deuney

Bi-Polar Disorder
By Tim Corbett

There are no words on planet-earth that would ever allow me to express the gratitude
for what you have gifted to me. My body and spirit were depleted of lives-energy
and I was "down for the long count" with the most extreme case of Bipolar illness.

I had no life as I was drugged to the maximum and lived in the world of despair.
I lived in emotional darkness and lost everything, and slowly I was pulling out of life.
My self esteem was shattered and my dark thoughts frightened me.
I have attempted every conceivable and possible way to find a path for just some relief
and everything led me to more disappointment and rivers of tears.

I am unable to tell you of the agony of this illness as it has torn the very soul out of my life ...
all my life! I send this card to you because the picture shows the complexity of a man trying
to piece himself together and that's what I have been trying to do, however...
I have been desperately trying in the dark.
The miracle by which Noni came my way is the most phenomenal of all coincidences and yet:
I have always believed that we all come into one another's life for a reason.
Noni has lived up to its deepest meaning for me as only a gift from God could have
intervened to restore my health and outlook on life. I no longer live behind closed doors
and I am shame-free with a life of hope and new dreams. I am truly thrilled at this moment
to share my story with the world because, I absolutely know there are many, many others who
are imprisoned with the darkness of depression. Perhaps Noni may give them the relief and
the chance of a lifetime that it gave to me.
I am compelled to share my story with the world and I now understand the meaning
and the message of the words "God works in wondrous and mysterious ways."
This is truly a path with a heart. Thanks for coming into my life.

Tim Corbett

Heart Patient By Mrs. Lee Pitchford

My husband is now 87 years old. Twenty seven years ago he suffered a massive heart attack
at which time the Doctors said he would not live for more than a year at best.
With good home care, proper diet supplements and lots of good Food Supplements we have kept
him with us all these years. However, his heart has never been strong and with age he developed
Congestive Heart Failure and has been under constant care of his Doctor and in and out of the Hospital.
Recently he developed what many Heart patients and Diabetic patients develop--very poor
circulation in his feet and legs and beginning in his hands. His feet were badly swollen
and almost purple in color. Then he started to develop bad sores on his feet and legs.
We have had him to five different Doctors--two of them Specialists. All of them said it was
very serious and this sort of thing could lead to down the line amputations.
All they recommended was bed rest and when he was up sitting in a chair to be sure
to elevate his feet. They all took the same attitude---Old Age, Congestive Heart Failure
and Poor Circulation, and there wasn't much they could do for him.
In desperation we decided to put him on Noni Juice with doses of ? ounce every few hours
throughout the day and also during the night if he was up and awake.
We kept him on this dosage for two weeks and also soaked cotton in Noni Juice and taped
it on all of the sores--changing these every evening.
Within two weeks all of the swelling and discoloration was gone and his feet and legs looked normal,
also all of the sores were completely healed. We now have him down to an ounce or two a day
and he feels and looks simply wonderful--is busy and active again and driving the car,
shopping and living quite a normal life.
We are so happy and relieved to think we have found an answer to his many problems.
He no longer has arrhythmia or water retention and his heart seems to be better than it has for many,
many years. We would highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone with Heart or Diabetic
problems who are having the same problems. It would certainly be worth trying to see if it would help
them as much as it has my husband.

Mrs. Lee Pitchford

Patella Tendonitis/ADHD
By Russ Hopkins
I started taking Noni Juice for Patella Tendonitis. This pain was in my left leg and every morning
I would get out of bed, put pressure on my leg and pain would shoot down my leg from my knee
to the bottom of my heel. After being on Noni Juice for 13 days (taking 2 tbsp. 3 times a day)
the pain has completely disappeared.
The best story is about my 6 year old son, Grayson.
At age 3 he was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit w/ Hyperactivity).
Ritalin was prescribed beginning with small dosages and increasing several times a year.
In January, after seeing his doctor, he was increased on the Ritalin to 10 mg. three times a day.
This is when I put my foot down and decided we would start him on the Noni Juice.
We increased the Noni and decreased the Ritalin little by little, and he is doing just fine!
We plan to have him completely off the Ritalin by early Spring. He is a normal 6 year old boy
(without the Ritalin side effects).
We are thankful for the Noni Juice.

Russ Hopkins 2-13-97

Asthma and Diabetes
By Barbara Adelaide

Hi all my name is Barbara I am type 2 Diabetic, also asthmatic.
Since I starting on Noni juice two months ago I have not used my asthma puffer,
or my machine and my Diabetes has gone down. I have gone from 7 tablets a day to 4 also
I have more energy. And I am not taking as many pain killers for arthritis in fact
only 2 tablets a day, some days none.
I have put my husband on the Noni juice , also my 3 married sons , my Mother, and my Brother.
I could have started on Noni juice 1 year ago but I was warey ===== if only I had started then,
I will never be out of Noni juice.

Thank You

Bronchial Asthma
By Nancie J. Fleming

My son was diagnosised with having Bronchial Asthma after he had a severe case of the Flu.
I took him and had his lungs X-rayed and while at the doctors office he was given a breathing treatment.
The Doctor suggested antibiotics, decongestant and steroid therapy for 7 days.
I did not want to use the steroids (and had told the Dr. this) but he wrote the script for him anyway.
My son has allergies to dust, dirt & mold and we live in Florida where they are abundant in almost
every building here. Any time in the past when he got sick we did Noni Juice therapy and got excellent results.
When we arrived home I started giving JC a shot glass (1 oz.) of the Noni juice every hour
for the next 8 hours (8 oz. the 1st day).
The following day we did a Shot glass full every 2 hours giving 6 oz. to his sick lungs.
The 2nd day when JC woke he was breathing and feeling so much better.
We continued to give him 1 oz. three times a day for the next few days and his Challenge
with the Virus / Asthma was so remarkable. NOTE: I chose Not to give my son the Steroids
and used the Noni juice as his therapy.
All summer JC has no symptoms of his allergies until he goes back to school then his nose
will run and his eyes get red and watery. This year he is drinking 1 oz. of Noni juice
as soon as he gets up and has not had the symptoms of the previous years.
If he feels a cold coming on we just increase his Noni juice till the symptoms are gone.
He is a typical teenager, 15 yrs. old, and cheats on his diet so the extra Noni helps him get thru
any challenges with his health.

Child's Chronic Sinusitis
By Kevin and Marcia Dummer

Our son Keenan, who will be ten years old this summer has suffered from Chronic Sinusitis
since the age of six. He has tried many numerous medications, allergy testing, and eventually
ended with sinus surgery. His symptoms never improved.
I was introduced to Noni by a friend which I saw had made a positive affect in her health problems.
So we decided to give Noni juice a try for three months.
Keenan told us he could tell the difference with in a few weeks.
After a year our pediatrician suggested we try taking him off the Noni for awhile
and just stay with the medications he was also taking for his sinuses.
So after a couple months without Noni our son asked us to purchase the Noni again.
He came to us, and we feel his decision as a young child told us the story of how he was truly feeling.
We are pleased with the product and would recommend Noni to others.

Pollen Allergies
By Cindy

I have a wonderful testimony about my daughter and allergies and we tried everything
from all the Natures Sunshine herbs to Colonics to MD's to lots of Chiropractors and even moved to CO.
And the first thing that took it away BINGO, Gone was NONI JUICE, but it took 8 weeks of persistence,
Rosalyn (my daughter) had pollen allergies and sat up to sleep in Fl for most of her first 8 years,
her hearing was bad and it was a nightmare with her teachers, they were furious at me,
thought I should be able to do something and when she got better here in KS after 2 years of school here,
her teacher would say well Rosalyn why don't you have allergies and you can hear!
She sat at the front of the class and lip read before and what it all boiled down
to I believe was a lack of enzyme that Noni provided.

Sinus & Lung Problems, Arthritis, Growing New Hair
By Leland & Alice Strommen

We have noticed several results since we've been taking Noni.
Alice: My sinus problems cleared within 3 days of starting Noni Juice and my lungs are much clearer.
The cloudy film over my eyes have cleared - a symptom that has been with me for years.
It is so wonderful to see clearly again.
Whenever I would travel it never seemed to fail that I would get sick upon arriving at my destination,
and I would be sick till after I had returned home for several days.
I have taken several trips since starting on the Noni Juice and have not gotten sick once!
I suffer from arthritis and have been on pain medications for many years.
I am now FREE of all pain medication and no longer am in the debilitating pain that I was in before.
Leland & Alice: We both feel much better; general well being, more alert mentally,
both of our gray hair has gotten darker and Leland is growing new hair at the top of his head!
That is exciting for any man. And, we no longer crave sweets! Alice: "I've even lost inches!"
Noni Juice is such a blessing to our lives and is such a wonderful product; you should try it too!

Sinus Infections, Allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cystic Breast Disease and Pre-Menopausal Symptoms
By Karen J. Carlson, R.N.

Doug's cousins in Minnesota introduced us to the Noni in November, 1996.
We signed up as autoship distributors and started taking Noni on December 9th .
Doug had developed asthma over the past couple years, and has had a long history
of severe sinus infections. He also took allergy injections for awhile.
(Has always battled with allergies.) He has had difficulty breathing through his nose for YEARS.
The very next day after taking Noni he was able to breathe normally. His wheezing went away.
In the early 70's he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. He had been taking 16 Aspirin a day.
One of the reasons we moved to Texas was that the heat is better for his joints.
The heat helped, but he'd still ache when we had cold or darnp weather.
He no longer has aching joints, and his feet aren't "lame" when he first gets up in the morning !!!
In November I scheduled a GYN appointment for January 6th as I was having
pre- menopausal systems ... insomnia, irritability, some short term memory loss and other symptoms
too embarrassing to mention!!!
Since taking Noni, these symptoms have gone away!!! I also have a terrific amount of energy
and accomplish more in a day. I have had a surgeon aspirate fluid from cysts in my breasts several times
(anywhere from 2cc-10cc withdrawn in a syringe at a time). In March, I noticed that I no longer
have lumps (which means no pain!).
My mother has had the same genetic problem. She has developed no new breast cysts since taking Noni,
and the "fatty tumors" in her arms have gone down in size. Over the years,
I have struggled with mild depression off and on, and also PMS related depression Which is cyclic.
I have noticed no depressive symptoms since taking Noni.
The greatest side effect of Noni is having more energy and an improved sense of "well being".
For this, I am thankful!!!
Whether people choose the distributorship so they can purchase Noni at wholesale,
take it regularly and just "feel better" or decide to use Morinda as the vehicle to help
them with a part-time supplemental income, either is the "right choice" for them because
everyone's needs are individualized. Each choice needs to be respected and supported.
As a nurse, I have worked in the medical and psychiatric fields for over 30 years.
I believe there is a place for traditional medicine and also alternative medicine.
It is exciting to have some endorsement from MDS, as more of them are using ""alternative methods""
of treatment in their medical practices.
Noni fruit and juice have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.
I am thankful Noni Juice is now available in the USA and look forward to its introduction
to other countries internationally.

Arthritis, Diabetic, and Sinus
By Lee Pitchford

Dear Wanda:
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the Noni Juice!
As you know I got off to a bad start in life by not having proper nutrition or even much
of the time enough to eat, and have had many health problems all my life which lead me to
constantly search for ways to not only help myself but also help others.
I have spent my life studying nutrition and good diet and anything to improve people's lives.
I have taken all kinds of vitamins, minerals, herbs and so many things and changed my diet completely.
I am sure it has made a great improvement in my life and kept me going, but I still had health problems.
Recently I got this terrible flu which is going around. I don't know when I have ever been so sick
and nothing seemed to help. Then dear friend, you came to the rescue and sent me a bottle of Noni Juice.
I started taking an ounce three times a day and in two days I was completely well, up and back
to work and taking care of my home and felt like I had never even been sick!
Then I cut back to two ounces a day and then recently to just one.
I noticed many other changes in my health problems. I am a diabetic, and while I kept it
pretty well under control just with diet and a few health products which are recommended
for diabetics without taking insulin or oral medication. I still found that with extreme stress,
illness or working too hard, I had weakness, dizziness and fatigue and was experiencing
numbness in my feet. After being on Noni Juice now for about three weeks, all of these problems
have disappeared.
I have had sinus problems for five years, which my Doctor or a Specialist were not able
to help at all. At times my face would hurt so badly it made my ears and teeth ache
and my whole head ache. Much of the medication given for this just gives temporary relief
and makes one so drowsy you can 't drive a car or anything so I wouldn't take it.
I now have no pain or infection whatsoever!
As the years have passed my arthritis was getting worse and the pain in my left knee
and hip as well as my back and shoulders and then beginning to affect my hands,
kept me awake nights and often I would find myself at night with my fingers curled into
a fist and was unable to straighten them without rubbing and pulling on them.
This was the final blow as I am a musician and was unable to enjoy my beautiful grand
piano or organ. I took as few pain pills as necessary for they aren 't good for anyone.
Well, again after taking Noni Juice, the arthritis is greatly diminished and I sleep well
without pain pills and can use my hands so much better, and feel sure it will finally go away entirely.
My worst problem by far has been diverticulitis which I have suffered with for years and
have been in the hospital several times, and often unable to be away from my home due
to the extreme pain and either my digestive system not working at all or else the reverse.
Again the Doctors were unable to help me and it gradually grew worse until I had a terrible lump
in my side which never went away. Sometimes it would be much larger and painful and sometimes
not so large but never went away. I was desperately afraid it would turn to cancer.
Well again, after three weeks on Noni Juice my family is amazed that the lump is totally gone.
I have no pain, no swelling, and my digestive organs, bladder and kidneys are functioning normally!
Now I find even my vitamins and minerals and herbs and all those good things
which I've been taking are working so much better.
I have energy, feel great--in fact better than I can remember feeling.
Wanda, my dear friend, again I want to thank you so much for giving me the answer to yet a long,
productive and happy life, and being able to help my family and friends.
You can bet we will never be without Noni Juice in our home, or quit telling just everyone
about it which I have already started to do. Everyone wants it, and their testimonies
are beginning to come in.

Lee Pitchford - 82 years old

Avid Runner with Arthritis
By Warren Smith

Hello, my name is Warren Smith, I'm 44 years old and like you, I'm an avid runner.
I've been running for over 7 years and have raced in over 80 road races including
the Pittsburgh and Boston Marathons. Needless to say, I really love the sport and plan
on doing it for as long as I can. However, due to arthritis and a long list of minor
and major injuries, it was becoming increasingly difficult to run as long and as hard
as I once did. A very good friend told me about Noni Juice because she knew that I'm unable
to take any anti- inflammatory drugs. Since I started drinking Noni Juice and began using the
skin supplement, I'm running pain free and my race times are improving.
For example, in 1996 1 ran the Grove City, Frostbite 5 mile race in 31:35.
In 1997 1 ran the same race in 31:34. However on Feb. 28th 1998 1 ran the Frostbite 5 mile
race in 30:02. The Noni Juice did not make me run faster! However, for the first time in my life
I can now do interval training and I have substantially increased my mileage.
But more importantly, on Sunday March 1st, the day after the race, I ran 20 miles.
This was only the third time in well over 2 years I have run that distance,
and once again experienced no problems whatsoever!
As I said, because of the side effects I experience with traditional anti- inflammatory drugs
I decided to try the Noni Juice. Prior to this, I have taken only one other natural food supplement.
I had modest success but no longer use it. I'm not a professional salesman.
I'm an Assistant Vice President at a major financial institution and have never direct
marketed anything in my life. It's just that I can't emphasize enough how well this product
has worked for me! Also, since I started taking Noni Juice I'm also experiencing many of the other
health benefits the product claims.

"Oh My Aching Knees!"
By Phil Olson

Have you ever uttered those words? Or maybe it's your back, or legs that cause you PAIN.
Well, pull up your chair and listen to my GOOD FORTUNE!
Ever since 1988 when I suffered knee misfortune due to an accident, I have endured pain -
that's eight years ago now! As a result, going up and down stairs had become pure torture.
At church I had to go up and down the balcony steps to play the pipe organ and direct
the church choir. The journey up and down those steps had become an Endurance Contest.
Our shower at home is in the basement; going up and down those steps had become
a challenging experience as well. People on the street would invariably ask,
"Why are you limping, Phil?" So I'd tell them! After trying several treatments and having x-rays
taken I was informed that this would be something I would just simply have to live with and endure.
So I did --- until just a short time ago.
On November 11, 1996, (being only 73 years young) I took my first "swig" of Noni Juice.
After about five days I found that getting out of bed was not such a painful experience.
My walking started to improve and my limp gradually crept back into the woodwork;
and surprises of surprises - going up and down steps once again became possible
WITHOUT THE FORMER PAIN! Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

While this was going on, I suddenly realized that some sores in my mouth had vanished,
and a couple of sensitive teeth had quieted down - hot and cold foods and beverages did not
cause me pain any more.
Crossword puzzles became easier to solve, and playing the piano and organ became easier.
Seems as though my thinking became more focused. I began to sleep much better at night
and required less.
All of these benefits from that bottle of Noni Juice!
You can be sure it has a prominent spot at the very front of our refrigerator.
Both my wife and I treat ourselves to Noni Juice every day first thing in the morning
and benefit greatly. We try to tell as many people as possible about this wonderful juice.
Those who believe us and try it benefit also; those who are skeptical or are of
the "Doubting Thomas" type go on suffering with their aches and pains!
There was a commercial years ago that said "Try it, you'll like it!"
'Give Noni a chance you'll like it also.

Phil Olson - 1-29-97

Arthritis Pain & Stomach Problems
By Marion Lackey

For years I have been in lots of pain from arthritis and had to roll out of bed
slowly and climb up the furniture to stand up. Within two and one-half -weeks
of taking Noni Juice the severe pain in my back disappeared and I could stand up straight again.
I went to my good friend Dot and pranced about the kitchen.
"Can you believe this is me; I've been out raking leaves with my daughter,
and I can even jog again." Since then I have even shoveled snow, which I have not done in years!
I also had a bad stomach that hurt whenever I ate anything.
I actually got sick every time I ate. I never quite knew for sure if it was an ulcer or what.
The Noni Juice burned at first when I began taking it, but I kept right on because
I have faith that it would help me, and I prayed that it would.
My prayers were definitely answered, and now I can eat almost anything I choose,
and I am PAIN FREE!
Thank you for this wonderful product. I am telling everyone about it every day.
No one can stop me from sharing this wonderful life-giving,
health preserving Noni Juice (Morinda Citrifolia).

Marion Lackey

Arthritis, Back, Hip Pain & Poor Circulation, Hair Growth On Legs
By Chuck and Sharon Rigge

It's only fruit juice, 100% pure and natural but it supplies a missing building block
(Proxeronine) our bodies need and no other food in our diet supplies it!
This JUICE is amazing! Everything that is in the Health News and the Testimonials is true!
I can personally tell you that it eliminated about 90% of my back and hip pain
(severe hip pain of 10 years duration) over the first month and gave me a great deal more energy.
After taking Noni juice for six months I had no hip pain at all and continued to see more
improvements in my health. I can now drag a 480 Lb. snowmobile around the garage with
no hip pain and no fear of pain the next day!
In January and February 98 I was snowmobiling in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming
with friends up to 25 years younger than myself. This is extreme snowmobiling at 9500 feet
altitude and deep powder. Its one of the most strenuous things you could ever do!
I had no problems and no pain. Sharon and I used to go through nearly a 500 count
bottle of Advil a month and now we don't take any! Our bottle of Advil is now almost 2 years OLD!
I'm not stiff like before. I don't mind being 52 years old anymore because now I can do what
I did when I was 30 and at the same pace or better!
After eleven months of taking only 1 ounce a day of Noni Juice I made an amazing discovery,
which explains why I feel so much better and have so much more energy and can think more clearly now.
Here is how it happened. In September 97 I heard a testimony about a man with severe
Diabetes and poor circulation in his legs. They were afraid he would need toes amputated.
Prior to Noni he could only walk 5 minutes at a time and at the 1997 Minnesota State Fair
he walked 6 hours straight! His wife went on to tell what his Doctor had explained about
poor circulation : When the hair follicles on the legs don't receive enough oxygen they will
not grow hair!
Her husband, prior to Noni, had no hair whatever on his legs and after taking Noni
for 7 months he is like a 6 year old kid showing everybody the hair on his legs.
The importance of this, is if you don't have hair growing on your legs and you did when
you were younger, you could have a serious circulation problem.
For the past 15 years I hadn't had any hair on my legs from my knees to my toes
and always thought it was because of over the calf athletic socks.
In the past few years I was beginning to suspect I had poor circulation because
my feet would get so cold in the winter at times that they would hurt and I couldn't stand
to wear my boots in the summer because they were to hot. Last winter my feet were somewhat
better and by August 97 while on Vacation, there was no problem wearing my boots even out in Utah
with the temperatures in the high 90's and low 100's!
A few days after that meeting I remembered to look at my legs and was I surprised
to find hair growing on my legs, knees to toes and up to 3/8 inch long!
This was after 11 months of taking 1 ounce of Noni Juice consistently every day
and I estimate the hair growth started at around 9 months!
I couldn't tell this improvement in circulation was happening because it happened
so slowly and subtly. Pain is a nuisance but it generally isn't fatal like poor circulation
which could lead to heart attacks or strokes.
Sharon has had surgery on her right foot twice in the last three years.
The second time was May 96 and the Surgeon Dr. Connors said he'd never seen a joint with
arthritis that bad, he said there was no cartilage left, it looked like polished marble!
He removed some bone spurs and stated she would be able to bend her foot more but when she
couldn't stand the pain anymore, a third surgery would be required with a choice of either
having the joint fused or completely taken out!
This third surgery would have meant she wouldn't be able to walk normally ever again
for the rest of her life! The pain and swelling never went away all summer and into the fall,
she couldn't bend her foot anymore than before, she took up to four Advil three to four times a day.
She could only wear about two pairs of her shoes with 1/2 inch flat heels and even occasionally had
to wear her bedroom slippers to work.
She started taking one ounce a day of Noni Juice in October 96 and After one month,
she didn't need to take Advil at all, and she was even wearing some of her high heels
he wouldn't believe it.
She can walk again without getting tears in her eyes because of the pain!
The Noni has continued to help the arthritis in her hands, her thumbs were so bad
she couldn't carry a can of pop in either hand, now she is able to with no pain.
Her elbows and shoulders don't hurt anymore! She just keeps feeling better all the time!
In August of 97 on our Vacation in Utah, and Colorado, we did a lot of hiking.
I kept hearing Sharon say, I couldn't do this a year ago, over and over and over!
One of our hikes went like this at Natural Bridge National Park in Southern Utah.
We climbed 500 feet down a canyon wall and walked about five miles up and down and over
some very rocky terrain and jagged rocky river bottom and then climbed 500 feet back
out of the canyon and walked over 2 miles to get back to the Jeep over some very rugged terrain!
P.S. the temperatures were in the mid 90's and the altitude was over 6500 feet!
In October 96 prior to Noni if Sharon walked across a smooth floor that changed
to carpeting and stepped on the lip of carpeting it would almost bring her to her
knees with pain! Now she can walk day in and day out on some of the most rugged and severe
terrain and rocks and mountains you could ever imagine!
Both of us have noticed a big improvement in our memory. Sharon used to transpose numbers
all the time and even words in her sentences. She never does it any more which makes it a whole lot
easier for us to talk to each other!
We are so thankful for the Noni Juice because it has truly changed our lives
and helped our friends and families.
Chuck and Sharon Rigge

Arthritis, CFS, Bladder, HBP, Weight Loss, Etc.
By Jerry Lou Frieszell

My name is Jerry Lou Frieszell, and I am a 54-year old women, grandmother to 9.
With a body that was slowly falling apart. Because of being over weight for a long time,
I was making myself ill. The more I got sick , the sicker I got.
Because of the Arthritis there were days when every move I made, my body reacted with PAIN.
For year's I took Arthritis Medicine. It made me sick - as all arthritis medicines' do.
So about a year ago I stopped the medicine. But the cartilage was gone in both knees.
Ate up by my Arthritis. In May of this year I had Total Knee Replacement on the right.
While in the hospital my Diabetes went out of control. I took shots while in the hospital and
4 pills a day after returning home.
Today's reading was - 78 After 3 1/2 month's on the Noni Juice.
I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, Bladder Infections,
Respiratory problems, Asthma, Seizure Disorder, and Sleep Apnea. Just to name a few.
I was on pills of all kinds and not sleeping at night, so I also took nerve pills to help to sleep.
In July I was visiting my family in Indiana.. My sister and Mom started telling me I should
try this new product, and about how they were feeling so much better.
More energy, sleeping better, and less pain. I was there for several days and in alot of pain.
That's when I gave in and my life has made a complete turn around since then.
It didn't happen over night. With so many things wrong with me, it has taken time.
I was seeing my family doctor because of a car accident on 8/28/96. He hadn't seen me
for a few months and seen a difference right away. All the tests he ran was much better.
Blood pressure, skin color, chest, and my bruising from the accident healed much faster.
He was very interested in seeing what it would do for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
I told him how I was having less days of being so tired I couldn't walk across the room.
Today I am not taking anything for pain, or using my cane much to walk.
I am also able to keep up with all my grandkids, who just happen to live very close,
and in & out all the time.
As a bonus - I lost 20 pounds. (First time in 30 years). The weight lost it self will help
with everything I have wrong with me. I like feeling better, more energy, less stressful,
and sleeping better at night. I am a much better person to be around.

Yours truly,
Jerry Lou Frieszell

Arthritis, Diabetes, and Seizures
By Various Named Individuals

The following individuals have given permission to share their story about
what Tahitian Noni Tm Juice has done for them or their family members.
Jill Russell,RN.,has had rheumatoid arthritis for several years, only partially
pain-managed with Naprosyn, an anti-inflammatory medication.
She states, "I am pain-free as long as I take Noni. The Noni takes care of what Naprosyn didn't".
Her joints used to hurt when "touched".
Within three days after taking Noni she reported "lots of energy" and also requires
less sleep per night. She used to have ankle swelling when on her feet all day
or when traveling. This also had improved.
Her father has heart problems, is taking heart and blood pressure medicine.
He had shortness of breath, could only work one day per week, could only do part
of the yard work, could only walk for short distances, was aching due to arthritis, and had NO ENERGY.
He is no longer short of breath, can walk for long distances, his blood pressure has returned
to normal, can do yard work all day because he has more energy, is not aching, and is very motivated!!!
Noni has changed his life in a very short time.
Jill's sister, Pam- has recently been diagnosed with type 11 Diabetes.
She is taking an oral medication. She started out taking 2 oz.
of Noni in the morning and her blood sugar dropped to subnormal right away.
She is now tying I oz. twice per day and is monitoring ,the effects of Noni.
Several other diabetics have noticed significant improvement in their blood sugar levels.
Another family member no longer has constipation. Noni promotes regularity!!!
Mary Fallon, RN, has a 29 year old son, Patrick, who had a closed head injury at age 21.
He is not able to care for himself and needed 24 hour nursing care.
He takes anti-convulsant medication for various types of seizures
(petit mal to grand mal in severity), has bladder spasms which causes significant
pain which results in increased agitation.
Mary gave Patrick Noni at first to help his allergy and sinus symptoms.
Another nurse, Donna Shule , LVN, who cared for him on weekends had gotten
allergy relief from Noni so she no longer needed her allergy medication !!!
This testimonial encouraged Mary to try it on Patrick!!! The allergy and sinus
symptoms improved significantly (less sneezing and congestion).
Mary ran out of Noni, and after 4 days, Patrick had a grand mal seizure
and had increased bladder spasms. I got more to her. She reports that Patrick's
improvement is very gradual; the spasticity during a seizure is not as severe,
seizures are less frequent, and his facial tics have subsided.
He has longer periods of "awareness" and attempts to communicate.
Mary is documenting his progress and plans to continue giving 3 oz. of Noni to him per day.

Fractured Back, Feet/Ankle Problems, Spastic Bowel and Bladder
By Ellen B. Diedrich

Hi, my name is Ellen Diedrich and today is the best day of my life.
Each day has gotten better and better since I have been introduced to Noni Juice.
Which brings me to why I walk with a cane. On June 19, 1976, I took my first and last
sky diving jump. I fell 2800 feet with a malfunctioned parachute.
When I landed, I couldn't move the lower half of my body.
I was immediately taken to St. Anthony's Hospital in Rockford, IL and later
transferred to Milwaukee Country Hospital in Wauwatosa, WI where I was treated
for a T12LI compression fracture in my back and a tibia plateau fracture of my left knee cap.
At first, the doctors didn't think I would live, much less walk again.
I am partially paralyzed below the waist and have a spastic bowel and bladder.
When I left the hospital, I was wearing a Milwaukee Brace and I had a brace on my left leg.
The doctors anticipated that I would have that brace the rest of my life.
One month later, the braces were gone.
The recovery process has been a long one and I continue to recover more
of my bodily functions. The body is truly amazing.
On Saturday, February 7th, 1998, I received a call from my good friend, Ruth, at 6:15 a.m.
She said, "Ellen, you need to come over here right away. I have some juice that I want you to take".
"But, I am still sleeping." Ruth said, "I don't care, you aren't now, so get over here."
I had never heard her sound so excited about anything like this since I have known her.
So, over I went to find out what all the excitement was about.
She proceeded to tell me about this Noni Juice and what it was doing for people
all over the country. Not only did she pour me two ounces of the Noni juice and told me
how to take it, she also applied Noni on cotton balls to a very large scratch that
I had on my left cheek. She also had me try the Hoa that day.
I will be forever grateful for Ruth and her wake-up call.
I said, "Ruth, look at my hands, they are not tremoring". Since my accident my hands would
tremor and more so when I got tired. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
We continued to talk as I finished up the juire. I then went home with my first bottle
of Noni Juice, a gift from my friend.
The first day after I had begun to take Noni Juice, I had four NORMAL bowel movements.
I have also been prone to diarrhea at least once a week and since I have started taking the Noni
juice and the Hoa, I have not had diarrhea. Now, that is a miracle.
On the second day, I got up feeling full of energy.
I take medication for anxiety and the side effects have caused my legs to be lazy,
sluggish and more numb. But this morning when I had gotten up (after 8 ounces of the Noni juice),
my legs were not lazy, numb or sluggish at all.
I also get up in the morning feeling very stiff and in pain.
I noticed that there was no pain. Being prone to muscle spasms at night
has been relieved by my taking Noni juice as well.
About two weeks after taking the Noni juice. I noticed that my toes began to ache.
Having experienced this kind of pain before, I knew that I was beginning to get substantial
feeling back in my feet. I can feel the inner part of my foot.
I feel like my whole body is coming alive. My left ankle bent and then came back to its'
original position rather than my falling down. I am able to feel a full bladder
and bowel and discharge it. I am not experiencing any numbness (carpal tunnel)
in my fingers due to walking with a cane for close to 22 years.
I have more mental energy. I am more alert, more rested. I have the desire to do a lot more.
Ruth, thanks again for the wake-up call.

Ellen B. Diedrich

Hip and Knee Degenerative Arthritis
By Ken Erickson

I have never written a testimonial or given an endorsement for a product before.
However, I feel that the time has come to let everyone know about the fantastic product.
First, let me say that I am 49 years old and I have been a professional law enforcement
officer for over 22 years. Last September, I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my
left hip and knee. The state doctor told me that my law enforcement career was over,
effective that date and that I would never be able to reenter the profession.
He further told me that I would have to have my hip replaced in about 2 years.
This was a devastating blow to me. I have since reentered college to obtain my degree
in Business Administration to find a new career.
About three weeks ago a friend introduced me to Noni Juice. The first thing I noticed
was that in only 2 days the pain in my hip and knee subsided quite a bit, by the 5th day,
the pain was completely gone. I have never felt better in years.
I am going to keep on using the juice and just maybe I won't have to have my hip replaced.
However, if I still have to have it replaced, I know I will be able to heal that much faster.
I am so enthused about this product, that I decided to become a distributor and I have been
having great results with some of my relatives trying it, who have everything from Arthritis,
Diabetes (my mother and nephew), and sister-in-law who has a Degenerative Brain Disease and other ailments.
Try the juice, what do you have to lose but the pain you are suffering.
If you do not have pain then it will make you feel better, have more energy
and enjoy life even more.

Ken Erickson

Joint Problems in my Knees and Arthritis in my Fingers is gone thanks to Noni juice...
By Adrian Mathews

My Miracle From Paradise with Noni Juice "I believe it is A Gift from GOD!"

Hello my name is Adrian Mathews I am 36yrs old and all my life I have had problems
with my knees I have been to many doctors and chiropractors and had many x-ray's done
and nobody could ever tell me the problem I was having with my knees and of course the
older I was getting the worse it was getting at age 32 I had a full physical done and
the doctor's told me I had the knees of a 60yr old just what I wanted to hear.
Thanks to my father Tom Mathews for introducing me to the Noni juice after starting
to take the juice in August of 1996 about 30 to 45 days after my father asked me how
my knees were and I said come to think of it I had not been having any pain.
(It was so subtle I didn't even realize what it was doing "Noni juice").
Not only that the arthritis I was getting in my fingers is gone, and I have only had
the flu 3 days since 1996 and I use to get the flu at least twice a year and be down
for a week to two weeks at a time.
This is one of the Best Immune System Builders I have seen and it has helped me
so much in my life that it is truly a blessing to be pain free in my knees this
is truly a Gift from GOD and I am sharing it with as many people as I can
so if you believe in miracles or if you don't please try this and at least commit
to 90 days and maybe you will find this to be a miracle for you as well...
Thank you God for this wonderful natural gift that is helping so many...

Macular Degeneration & Arthritis
By Jean Bartel

A few years ago I was told that I was very young to have MACULAR DEGENERATION
but not much could be done about it. I was told to look at a grid every day
to see if there were any changes, and then to call the doctor.
I was also told that some doctors think vitamins and minerals might be helpful,
and if in 5 years "they" said "Yes, vitamins are helpful," I would have 5 years on it.
Note: Many people do not know what Macular Degeneration is.
The Macula is the most sensitive part of the retina. The Macula focuses
on the center of our field of vision, controls reading and fine detail work,
and eventually people have only peripheral vision. For example, you could see the outline
of a clock, but not be able to tell what time it is.
The beginning of June, I could not read a page or two without getting so tired
that I had to lie down for 15- 20 minutes. So I had just about stopped reading
when my husband and I decided to take our first trip to Hawaii. Let me say it was
very depressing not to be able to read more than a few pages at a time about a place
I had wanted to go since childhood.
On June 11, 1997, I started taking Noni Juice. After a week I noticed my back
did not hurt any more from the ARTHRITIS, and curves in my spine, and I felt FANTASTIC!
About the 25h of June, I realized that I had just read about 40 pages of Noni
literature before I tired. Still I didn't make a connection to Noni.
After feeling so good and telling others about Noni I became a distributor
and ordered the Satellite Video.
On the video Dr. Mona Harrison was talking about Macular Degeneration
and that it was reversing the problem. That is when I realized what was happening to my eyes;
they were getting better. Thank you, Morinda, and Dr. Ralph Heinicke for all your work
in bringing Noni to the world It's been an answer to my prayers.
On August 27, 1997, while helping out a new distributor, I realized that I could make out
the "a's, e's, c's, o's in print. Before that the print was blurred, and I would guess
most of the time as to what the sentence said. In checking the grid (that I hadn't looked at for a while),
I also realized that there were VERY FEW wavy lines, so I am extremely anxious to see my doctor in October.
September 19, 1997: I can thread a needle again. I can actually see the eye of the needle!
Update: October 24, 1997. I went in yesterday for my yearly check-up on the Macular Degeneration.
The doctor came in and said that the Macular Degeneration was not worse.
I asked, "Is it better?" He answered, "Well, it is easier to see if something is worse
than better, and you are the better judge of that."
So I told him about the reading, etc. He seemed very interested,
and I think was ... because he was the one who told me to go ahead and take
vitamins in case five years down the road the "experts" would say,
"Yes, vitamins really do help with Macular Degeneration.".
Since I first found out about the Macular Degeneration on December 4, 1995,
I have had three more prescription changes for my lenses. Now my eyes are back
to what they were on December 4, 1995, and again I will say, Thank you Lord.
Prayers are answered, and how many other people are also praying for help
or a miracle that we might be able to help with God's wonderful gift to us of Noni Juice.
We simply have to tell all the world about Noni!

Jean Bartel - Oct. 25,1997

Severe Hip Pain... Wound... Rash...Back Pain...Toothache
By Veronica Batch

Hi.......I'm 81 and had extreme hip pain for many years.
In fact, my doctor wanted me to get replacements, which I was putting off.
My niece and I were having breakfast with a friend who was so excited.
He was taking something that helped his Diabetes so much, that he reduced
his insulin intake by 2/3 and said he never felt better. His pharmacist recommended
it to him....although it was not a prescribed medication. That was the first time
we had heard about the miracle of Noni.
My niece bought his last bottle and asked me if I would start out on 1/2 ounce a day,
which I did. I gradually increased it to 4 ounces a day. After 7 to 8 weeks,
I was amazed when I was able to turn over in bed without the aid of the rope
system we rigged up. I just couldn't believe it - such wonderful relief after years of agony!
I've since reduced the quantity to 1/2 an ounce of Noni a day....that is, unless I don't feel well.
I'd also like to tell you about the time I was pruning our grapefruit tree.
I was just about done, when I hung the shears on a branch while cleaning up the clippings.
The shears fell, badly piercing my hand and then flipped over, leaving a deep gash.
I didn't want to go to the Emergency Room, so I grabbed Noni,
poured it on my hand and wrapped it up. The pain subsided almost immediately.
I again applied Noni before bed. My hand healed extremely fast and I was surprised
that it did not leave a scar.
Noni has also helped me at other times....back pain, puffy eyes and a tooth ache.
Every now and then I get a rash. In a matter of hours, Noni stops the itching
and spreading from my hands, up my arms and on to my face.

Breast Cancer
By Diana Morrell

My name is Diana Morrell. I am 56 years old. On December 23rd 1994 I heard the words
that every woman fears. "From all the indications it appears you have breast cancer.
As soon as Christmas is over we will have to do a biopsy to be sure."
I donít need to tell you that Christmas was not a happy time that year.
On Dec. 27th I had the biopsy and it came back positive. Fortunately I had a wonderful
young doctor who advised me to have a lumpectomy and chemotherapy.
Thus saving me the further trauma of loosing my breast. On January 7th I learned that
the cancer was in my lymph nodes. I went ahead and endured chemotherapy.
Yes all my hair fell out and it was a very difficult time.
During this time I took lots of vitamins minerals and even used the mushroom tea
that was so popular at that time. Another problem that I had was depression.
Many factors caused this and I was finally given Zoloft to help me snap out of my poor
state of mind. I know you are asking, "Why didnít she just take Noni juice?"
If you will look at the dates you will see that Noni was not available to the
general public at that time.
It wasnít until November 1996 that a good friend of mine, Jacqueline Miller,
called and told me about Noni. Always one to try anything I feel will help my health
I immediately bought a bottle. Within a few weeks I noticed I was feeling better but it took
a couple of months for me to realize that it was the Noni that was making the difference.
My doctors are amazed at how well I have done the last few years and how well my blood
count has gone back to normal. I also was able to get off the Zoloft two years ago and have
never felt the need to go back on. Iím now sure that I could have gotten off sooner but things
were going so well that I was afraid to change anything.
I am now in my last six months before I get to that infamous five-year mark.
I am doing great and all my blood work indicates that everything is normal.
I would be lying if I told you that I donít worry about the cancer coming back but
everyday cancer free is another step away from that fear.
I plan to take Noni for the rest of my life.
-Diana Morrell

Breast Cancer
By Emma Polk

I was suffering with Stage IV metastasized breast cancer (large tumors throughout both breasts,
liver, spine, pelvic bones). When diagnosed, it was to late for a mastectomy and I was given
little hope of even partial remission. My CA2729 (a blood test for cancer cells)
was 2760 - normal is 30.
After 28 high-dose radiation treatments and 5 months of high-dose chemotherapy,
the large open lesion on my right breast had not healed, my CA2729 was only down to 1200
the cancer in my bones were no smaller, and the cancer in my liver was actually larger.
The side effects of the treatments made me so ill that I was completely incapacitated.
Then one of the patients in my oncologist's office told me about the Noni juice.
He had suffered from leukemia for several years, and not even chemotherapy had been able
to keep his white count out of the danger zone. Within a couple months of drinking the Noni juice,
his white count stabilized and has stayed there for 2 years.
Upon hearing his story I started on the Juice immediately.
I was amazed at what happened after my next chemo session. With previous sessions,
I had been too ill to do anything for 2-3 weeks. But after being on the Juice
for less than 1 month, I was only tired for 1 day.
Within days I felt better and was more active than I had been since months before I was diagnosed!
The follow-up tests showed ALL cancers were significantly smaller:
the liver tumors were probably just dead cancer tissue, and the malignant lesions
on my bones were composed of scierotic tissue (a byproduct of healing).
And most of all my CA2729 count had dropped to 327!
My next tests showed that all the abnormalities had shrunken still more.
My CA2729 had dropped to 247.
My seventh chemo session a month later had no adverse effects at all, and even
with maximum-dose chemotherapy, my white blood cell count tested normal, my hair
was beginning to grow back, and I had more energy and stamina than ever.
At my 3-month checkup the scans showed the scar tissue in the cancerous areas
were continuing to shrink, and my doctor said there was no sign of active malignancy.
My CA2729 is approaching normal - it's in the 100's now.
My doctor says that my recovery is nothing short of miraculous, as he did not expect me
to be alive at this point!
He said, "Emma, all you need to do is keep doing what you have been doing."
Of course he means drinking Noni Juice!

Emma Polk

Breast Cancer - Surgical Incision & Radiation Damage
By Inez Strnad

About two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I went through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I felt that I had
excellent doctors and that they did everything they possibly could to help me.
However, I was not healing up from the radiation treatment.
Approximately a year after my last radiation treatment I still had not healed.
The incision was still swollen, very uncomfortable, and the skin was in terrible shape.
I had lung damage and suffered from radiation pneumonia, and I had two ribs that were badly burned.
I could not get healed to the point where it was comfortable to wear tight clothing,
pick up my grandchildren, or get a hug from anyone.
My radiologist told me that I had received enough chemotherapy that my immune system
probably wasn't back to par and that was the reason that it was taking so long to heal.
He told me that sometimes it can take a year or two, or even longer, for people to heal
completely from the radiation treatment. I went home pretty demoralized.
Shortly after that a friend called and told me about Noni. I began taking Noni
and the first thing that I noticed was an immediate surge of energy.
After I had been taking Noni for about three weeks, I woke up at about two o'clock one morning,
and the whole area where the surgery had been done was tingling and burning
and was very uncomfortable. I was frightened. I thought that I was getting the cancer back again.
I woke my husband up to tell him what was happening, and he said,
"I'll bet that's the Noni starting to work."
The next day it did feel better, and within three weeks you could hardly tell
that I had received radiation. The rib damage is gone, and I can hug anybody that I want to.
I can wear clothing comfortably again and my skin has healed to the point where
you cannot even tell where I was worked on.
One of the technicians at my doctor's office told me that she has seen
the healing process take as long as seven years for the type of radiation treatments I had.
It's a miracle to me. We are real sold on Noni!

Inez Strnad

Breast Cancer II
By Valerie Schuler

Date - May 30, 2000
I am writing this testimony that the Noni juice has helped me a great deal.
I am a 45 yr. old woman who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer
on August 9, 1999. At that time, I was given only chemo treatment of 8 cycles.
I did have complete hair loss, which was very upsetting.
Also, I had many problems with my blood. My white count was always crashing.
Ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 causing me to have toreceive Procrit shots.
My red count was also very low ranging from .04 to .06 also causing me
to receive blood transfusions and Neu-pogen shots.
I had a radical mastectomy on March 10, 2000.
This is when my family members told me about the Noni juice.
My sister gave me a sample to try. My Mother bought me a bottle for Easter of this year.
I have been taking the Noni Juice faithfully everyday since Easter.
The results are unbelievable.
I am once again receiving chemo treatments for the second time around.
In April of 2000, my white count reached 7.7 and in May of 2000 my white count
reached 9.4 which is terrific. Also, my red count is in the normal reach.
I do not need any blood transfusions or anytype of shots for my white or red count.
The chemo drug, Taxol, which I'm being given, causes your hair to fall out after
the first treatment or up to 14-21 days.
On June 12,2000 I will be receiving my last Taxoltreatment.
All during this time I did not suffer any hair loss and have all my hair.
My doctor's find this very odd. As for a good reason, I will not tell my doctor's
about the Noni Juice until all my treatments are completed.
Also, my two big toenails on my right and left foot fell off due to receiving chemo.
Since taking the Noni, they are growing back very nicely.
I would highly recommend the Noni juice to anyone. It is really amazing how it works.

Valerie Schuler

Breast, Spine and Colon Cancer Disappears When I Increased to One Quart Per Day!"
By Susan Smith

My name is Susan Smith, I live in Houston, Texas, and I'm 49 years old.
Last April I was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately underwent a mastectomy.
A couple of months later, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to my spine and colon,
as well as the discovery of a large tumor on my right kidney.
I immediately underwent two weeks of chemotherapy, but because of the debilitating side effects,
the doctor decided to discontinue that particular type of chemotherapy.
He asked that I make an appointment to come back into his office for more testing
and he would make the determination as to the type of chemotherapy I should get on.
My appointment was made for ten days from then.
In the meantime, a friend of mine contacted me and had just heard about Noni Juice.
She really wanted me to start on it immediately, explaining everything that it could do for me.
I was willing to try anything and figured I had nothing to lose at this point.
I started chugging the juice over the next ten days, drinking several bottles during that period.
The first two days I drank a cup each day, but didn't feel any different.
For the next several days I drank a 32 oz. Bottle each day, and the results were incredible.
I felt so much better and had more strength and stamina than I remember having in a long time.
On the tenth day (early part of August, 1997), I went back to the hospital for
the required testing and then headed over for the doctor's office.
The hospital had immediately sent the results to the doctor via the computer,
so by the time I got there he was aware of the outcome of the testing already.
When he came in to see me, he had the strangest look on his face.
I felt I was doomed and he was going to tell me that I only had three weeks to live.
What he said was that the testing showed no signs of cancer, and only a small spot
on my right kidney, which was probably nothing more than a cyst at that point.
We were both so taken by surprise, I still have problems believing it!
I am still under the doctors' care, but I have gone back to working a 30-hour week
and have my strength back. When I first went back to work, I got out of the habit
of taking the juice and starting going downhill really fast. I realized what had happened,
and immediately drank four ounces. The fourth day, I felt great, and have continued to.
I now only take two ounces each day for maintenance.
I don't ever want to be without this juice, because I truly believe I wouldn't be here
writing this testimonial if I hadn't learned about Noni Juice.

Susan Smith

Cancer of the Liver
By Anonymous

I had been hesitant to tell my story because it is personal and frankly, a little hard to believe
because of the severity of the illness.
I have decided to go ahead and share this with others in hopes that it may help someone else.
This is my story and I make no claims of cancer cure or cure of any other disease.
A few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the Liver.
I had had tumors for sometime and they had become much larger.
I had made a decision years before that I would not have surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.
I was glad I had made that decision. I didn't have to make it now.
I began taking Homeopathics, vitamins, herbals and NONI. I took 8x1 oz. of Noni per day.
I also changed my diet.
At first, I felt better. After about 3 weeks, I had more pain, swelling and became more concerned.
I made an appointment with a doctor in Mexico who has a very good reputation for cancer cures.
Upon my arrival, he told me there was no sign of the cancer.
I had been cured, thanks to NONI, Homeopathics and Divine Intervention.
This process was no more than two months.
I am grateful to Morinda for bringing this wonderful gift to us.


Cancer of the Throat and Bleeding around My Stoma
By Barbara Anderson

My name is Barbara Anderson, and I am 65 years old.
In May of 1995, I was told I had throat cancer. In June, I had a week of chemotherapy
for 7 days and 7 nights. I became deadly ill from it, and just about did not make it.
After that I had 4 treatments of radiation. My throat swelled up so they performed
a tracheotomy so I could breathe. The day after Christmas in 1995, I had a laryngectomy.
I ended up in a nursing home until June of '96.
I started taking Noni' Juice in November of '96.
From June until November it was very difficult for me to get up and get dressed
and to be able to do my daily functions, such as taking care of myself.
Since I began taking 2 ounces of Noni Juice a day I have been able to do those things for myself,
and I have also been able to take care of my 3 year old granddaughter, 3 days a week.
I also had a lot of bleeding around my stoma.
Each day I put Noni Juice on it and have seen a remarkable difference.
I have especially noticed that my energy has greatly increased.
I was sick for just about a year and four months.
Since I have been taking Noni daily for about 90 days now, it has changed my life considerably!
I thank my son for introducing it to me.
I recommend it highly as it has made such a big difference in my daily living.
After being sick for so long, it's great to be feeling better and to be back in the Human Race again!

Barbara Anderson

Ovarian Cancer - It Works
By Luella Sloan

In 1990 they diagnosed me with ovarian cancer, and I had surgery plus chemotherapy
in Sioux City, IA. In the fall of 1992, they sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,
MN for more surgery plus radiation.
I learned to live with the nausea, the loss of taste, diminished hearing,
hair loss, numbness in my feet, the constant checkup and blood tests, the pain in my back and hip,
and the bones crumbling from radiation plus treatment for that.
Things were going good, my CA 125 factor hadn't lowered, but it didn't increase.
In October of 1996, I developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized.
I was on oxygen and not responding to treatment.
They did a scan and discovered a tumor in the bronchial tube
of my left lung and also a spot on my liver.
I couldn't believe this was happening because I had done everything the doctors
had told me to do. I didn't want to go through chemo again because it was just too
difficult for me. My children were very upset about this decision,
so for them I consented to have more treatment.
Three sessions and no change. I now had a home health care nurse twice a week.
A care-giver came once a week for my personal needs and to clean my home.
Another checkup showed no improvement, and the recommended a combination of drugs.
They were very strong, and after the first session my white count dropped to 400.
I had to have a blood transfusion and was isolated in my home.
I was taking vitamins and food supplements but still losing weight, and I had very little energy.
My daughter-in-law Betty found out about Noni juice as I began the 2nd session
the last week of January. As I went into this session the doctor thought the tumor was smaller
but they couldn't tell for sure.
After chemo I had to go to the hospital for a shot each day for 8 to 12 days.
Betty thought this would be the ideal time to test Noni.
My vitals are checked each day and lab work done twice a week.
Now the good news starts. My white count stayed about 2000 and went up to 3000
by the end of that session of shots. At the Cancer Center on February 26,
x-rays showed the tumor had decreased, and my white count had increased to 4000,
and the CA125 had lowered 300 points.
The doctor said my blood is in better condition than it has been
in the seven years he's known me. He said, "We're on the right track,"
but he didn't know about Noni juice. He doesn't think I need vitamins,
but they have helped to build bone mass back in my spine.
The only difference in treatment is the Noni juice.
My blood pressure has continued to go lower, and I have less pain.
We told my medical doctor about Noni juice and showed him the record of my progress.
He approved and has reduced my blood pressure medication.
Betty noticed that my color is better and that I'm standing up straighter,
also that my head and hands don't shake as much.
I'm very happy because for the first time since my colon surgery that I can eat anything
I want and still have a normal bowel movement and no diarrhea.
I'm off oxygen and have let the care-giver go.
I cook and bake and take care of myself and my home once again.
I am walking to the laundry room to wash my own clothes again.
Thank God for Noni juice and an understanding doctor.

Luella Sloan, IA - April 1997

Ovarian Cancer, Colon Cancer, Hearing Loss, Leg and Knee Pain, Insomnia
By Carolyn J. Madison

In October 1985, I was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer on the left-side,
which had spread into the left colon. I was given 6 weeks to live.
Two chemo treatments put me in a coma for 33 days.
In January 1967, I had a total Hysterectomy to remove the remaining tumor
and I also underwent bowel restructuring.
The chemo and drugs caused great side effects: 73% hearing loss in my left ear,
25% hearing loss in my right ear, loss of all high pitched sounds,
a constant ringing and roaring in my left ear, loss of almost all moisture in my eyes,
a balance problem, and a problem with standing or walking especially at night.
I had extreme mental, emotional and physical trauma along with numbness in my legs
from the knees down, extreme leg pain (severe soreness) and restlessness all the time,
but more especially at night. I also had severe insomnia.
The massive amount of corrective surgery to remove the remaining tumor
and the total hysterectomy left massive adhesions in my colon and smafl intestines
with a problem emptying my bladder plus other things.
In 1987, I began by slow climb to recover my health.
I began to research and read much material for help and health.
I tried many, many things; all kinds of supplements, etc. some helped a little, some didn't.
Although I had changed my diet, because of the extreme amount of adhesions in
the small intestine and colon, I was in constant pain (gas pain) and was afraid to eat much.
It has been 11 long years and the pace was so slow but gradually things began
to change somewhat for the better. I found out about a wonderful fiber that didn't hurt my colon,
which was a great improvement.
But on January 25, 1997, about a month ago, someone told me about Noni Juice!!
I started taking 2 tbsp. 3 times a day.
About two weeks later, I noticed my legs and feet were not hurting and sore anymore
and my right leg and arthritic knee did not hurt. I am 58 years old.
I am starting to have more feeling in my legs and feet and have more strength in them.
I am walking up and down stairs without help and my balance is much better now.
The noise in my left ear has lessened considerably and I believe there is a slight
improvement in my hearing. I am sleeping much better, have a lot more energy and
a wonderful feeling of well-being. I am hoping for more improvements!
I am telling people about what I have been doing about feeling better.
I am so thankful for this wonderful fruit juice and I thank my heavenly father
for creating it and the Morinda company.

Carolyn J. Madison

Squamous Cell Carcinoma
By Robin Baggett

In September 1997 I noticed a small bump on my neck. I passed it off as nothing serious.
I did notice that as time passed the bump began to get bigger.
In December 1997, my doctor saw the knot on my neck and jumped out of his chair saying,
"You have Lymphoma!" He said it was very serious.
I went to see an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist in January 1998.
He looked visibly disturbed after examining me and said it did not look good.
I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The bump had grown to a size that was inoperable.
It had closed off my carotid artery and destroyed my jugular vein.
Everything was moving forward for me to start my frightening traditional treatment.
There was a two-week window for me to look at alternatives.
I was given the name of a holistic practitioner in Kansas.
He had suggested taking mega doses of Noni Juice for two weeks prior to my first treatment.
All of the doctors had said my immune system would be terribly impaired by the treatments,
so they insisted that I have a stomach tube inserted so I could take sustenance.
I had 37 radiation treatments on a daily basis.
Even with traditional treatment, chances were not good.
During all this, I would go to the office each morning to try and perform my duties.
Over time I was unable to swallow even water.
At that time, I had to stop taking my Noni Juice.
I started going downhill rapidly.
My wife suggested I pour the Noni Juice in my stomach tube.
I did, and my blood work began improving right away.
My doctors don't know how I was able to go to my office every day.
I am sure that had I not been taking my daily amount of Noni Juice of 6-8 ounces
it would have been impossible.
I also used Noni Skin Supplement on my face and neck to prevent the customary
burning and blistering of the skin.
I made it through the entire regiment of radiation and never blistered or burned.
At my next appointment, the doctor came in with his thumbs up and said all signs
of the cancer appeared to be gone! He calls me his "Miracle Man"!
I am still taking maintenance doses of Noni Juice.

Robin Baggett

Controlled Diabetes - Arthritis
By Mrs. Lucille Zingarelli

My name is Lucille Zingarelli. I am 62 years old.
I have diabetes and had developed sores on my legs and they itched all the time.
I had a hard time keeping my diabetes under control. I also have Arthritis in my left knee.
I have been taking "Noni" for over two months now and my legs are all dried up
and the sores are gone, and they don't itch anymore.
Also, the diabetes is controlled. Every time I take a, test it says "controlled".
The Noni has also helped my colon and now I am a regular as can be.
I could never say enough about the Noni! I only wish I had known about it
when I was younger and had all my stomach problems.

Mrs. Lucille Zingarelli

By Jack Shelburn

My name is Jack Shelburn. I live in Northern New Mexico. My story begins
about 36 years ago, when at the age of 11 I became a Type 1 Diabetic.
The doctors assured my parents and me that with proper care and regulation of my
blood sugars, I would be able to lead a normal life. In those days, the
methods for monitoring blood sugars were sketchy at best. Blood sugars were
monitored by urine, which showed a reading from 6 hours earlier, and only
gave general levels (low, medium, high, and very high).
When I was 25 complications from the diabetes began to appear. My lower
extremities began to hurt and ache excessively due to poor circulation, a
common complication of diabetes. Doctors and specialists in diabetes
treatment informed my wife and I that I would have to learn to live with the
pain. My wife refused to accept this diagnosis and proceeded to search her
books on nutrition for an answer. She was searching for Noni even then.
Happily, even though Noni wasn't available, she was able to relieve all of
my symptoms with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

At 29 I was afflicted with abnormal blood vessel growth in both of my eyes
(medically known as Diabetic Retinopathy). Untreated, blindness would
result. This necessitated 14 laser treatments (9 in the right and 5 in the
left). Though I lost some of my visual acuity, the danger of blindness was

In the latter part of 1995, my doctor informed me that my kidney function
was declining, indicating that my kidneys were failing. He hoped that my
recent bout with the flu and pneumonia were the actual cause. After more
tests in February of 1996, he informed me that I definitely had ESRF
(End-Stage Renal Failure). He immediately advised me to become listed for a
kidney transplant and informed me that if I continued working, I could
expect to require dialysis within 6 months. If I would retire from my job, I
could possibly prevent the need for dialysis for 2-3 years. Reluctantly, I
retired on March 31,1996 at age 44.

The next 2 years were spent arranging for the transplant. After the first
acceptance for kidney transplant I became aware of a new procedure, which
would require a dual transplant. One for the kidney, to save my life, and
another for a pancreas to end the diabetes and, hopefully, prolong the life
of my new kidney and improve my quality of life. I became officially listed
for the dual transplant, and began the long wait for the anticipated call.
In the meantime, my health gradually deteriorated to the point where I could
barely function. I would sleep 10-12 hours a night and then take naps during
the day for an additional 6-8 hours. I could barely walk, and helping around
the house, making repairs, or anything else became not only difficult, but
impossible. I became very depressed. I had been active all of my life and
had worked hard all of my life. I felt my life was over, and that this was a
fate worse than death. I thought increasingly more often of suicide.
It was then that Noni miraculously entered my life. My wife, Stella, had met
Susan LeCompte once at a meeting for some other health-oriented company
almost a year before. One day in November of 1997 Susan called my wife and
asked her if I was still sick and feeling bad. My wife confirmed that I was.
Susan then told my wife of Noni juice and the benefits it could bring to my
life. My wife never hesitated, and told her to bring some of the juice to
her to try. The next day Susan arrived with the juice that proved to be the
miraculous turning point in our lives.

For two days I took the recommended dose of Noni (1 oz.) and became so ill
that I had to stop taking the juice for two days thereafter. But an amazing
thing had happened: I was no longer suicidal. I wasn't even depressed any
more! Two days later I started with a much smaller dose and gave my stricken
kidneys a chance to expel the toxins from the detoxification process, as
they were able to. After a week I needed only 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night.
I quit taking naps. After 2 weeks I awoke one day, cleaned my workshop,
straightened my tools, and began to finish my projects and make needed
repairs on my house and cars. My blood pressure, which had elevated to the
level of 200-230 over 90-110, in spite of 6 different medications from my
doctor, who had run out of any other drugs to offer, began to decline.
A month later it was down to 140 over 85, averaged.
(Normal levels are 120 over 80.)
My blood sugars, which had been fluctuating from a low of 20 to a high of
600 mg/l, sometimes in the time span of 30-40 minutes, were stabilized,
first at a high level and then tapering off to a lower insulin requirement
for control. Control of my blood sugars was so much easier because the
drastic swings from high to low were corrected.

Although Noni helped me feel better and improved my overall quality of life
during this period of time, it could not stop the progression of my kidney
failure. Kidney function is monitored by a blood level called creatine. A
healthy person's creatine level is 0.8-1.0. When my creatine level reached
2.0 my doctor recommended transplant. When a person's creatine level reaches
5.0 dialysis is required. As my condition progressed I knew that if I did
not receive the transplant that dialysis would be unavoidable. At this same
time my younger brother was already on dialysis because his 15-year-old
kidney transplant was failing. When I would visit him at the dialysis
clinic, the nurses who were aware that my creatine level was 12.5 would
wonder why I could even stand up, much less drive myself everywhere, walk,
climb stairs, work around the house, mow the lawn, and help my brother with
his work (his creatine level was 5.5).

In spite of my amazing results on Noni, I was unable to convince my brother
that natural products such as supplements, and especially Tahitian Noni
Juice, would make a difference in his health. Unfortunately, when he finally
realized the importance of Noni it was too late. Though it did bring him
relief from the pain and suffering of kidney disease and dialysis, he passed
away from complications on March 24,1999.

But let us return to February of 1998. Because of an injury to my leg from
working at home, I was hospitalized for a build-up of fluid inside a muscle
(called compartment syndrome). Though I resisted, the doctors would not
allow me to leave the hospital until I agreed to start on dialysis. This
process did not agree with me at all. To cope with it, I turned to the only
source of relief I could think of: Noni. The medical staff were skeptical
, but I continued to take increasingly larger doses of Noni in order to endure
this ordeal. During this time my normal dose of 6-8 ounces of Noni juice
increased to a minimum of 16 ounces a day, and even more on extra-bad days.
My reaction to hemodialysis was so negative that in the first week of June,
the doctors began to consider changing me to another form of dialysis,
called peritoneal dialysis. After an especially bad episode of dialysis,
which put me in the hospital with a dangerously low calcium level, my wife
and I prayed that some alternative would be found. Remember that much
anticipated call I mentioned earlier? At 9:30 on Sunday, June 7, it
arrived....there was a donor! We had only a few hours to pack for the trip
to Minneapolis to receive my transplant. Of course the most important item
to pack was 3 full bottles of Noni juice!

We drove the 75 miles to the airport in Albuquerque and caught the flight to
Minneapolis at 1:40 PM. We checked into the hospital at 6:20 PM, and I was
immediately prepared for surgery. Surgery began at 9:00 PM, and 8 1/2 hours
later I was put in recovery. The doctors told me to expect to remain in the
hospital at least 14 days. I took Noni every day, much to the chagrin of the
nurses. My doctors did not object because I provided them a list of all of
the mineral, vitamin, and chemical components of Noni, which showed nothing
objectionable. They deemed me to be in the best of health, especially for
someone with a history of 37 years of diabetes and kidney failure, which I
attribute, of course, to Noni.

My recovery was better than expected. I was released from the hospital just
9 days after surgery, and the next day I boarded the plane for the trip home
to New Mexico. I was told the staples in the incision from my surgery would
have to remain in place for at least 3 weeks. After 2 weeks my family doctor
told me that the incision was healing over the staples and they would have
to be removed.

In August, 1998, I was privileged to attend an international convention of
Noni distributors in Nashville, Tennessee, just 11 weeks after my
transplant. (You may have heard our story during Dr. Neil Solomon's
presentation we were the couple who rode on the bus with Dr. Solomon.)

My doctors in Minneapolis have run blood tests 3 times a week for 2 months,
2 times a week for 2 months, once a week, once every 2 weeks, etc. Now I go
for labs only once a month. According to the doctors, my blood levels for
kidney function and blood sugars are the closest to normal of the more than
5,000 patients they have followed. The only difference between them and me
is Noni juice.

It is now 14 months since my dual transplant. I continue to take Noni
daily?only a minimal dose now (4-6 oz.), every day. I feel great, and every
day I feel better, thanks to Noni and modern medicine. I owe my life to both.

Jack Shelburn, Espanola, NM

Diabetes, Neuropathy, Asthma
By Vivian Handley

Noni Juice has had a positive impact on my health. I am a Type II diabetic.
My last blood work at my medical clinic showed my blood sugar had averaged
116 for the past 3 months. That's a great improvement ftom the high readings I had
previous to taking Noni Juice. I am now able to take less insulin.
My leg which had been badly affected by neuropathy (a complication from the diabetes)
greatly improved the first few weeks after I started to drink this wonderful juice.
I started taking Noni Juice in September of 1996 when I was in the midst of chemotherapy
due to breast cancer. To my surprise I never lost all of my hair.
In fact, by the time I finished the chemo treatments, I had new hair coming in where
it had come out previous to my starting to drink Noni Juice.
My doctor recently was able to cut back on the amount of thyroid medication that I take.
Also, he cut my prednisone dosage back that I need to take for asthma as my breathing has improved.
I thank god for the healing affect of the Noni Juice.

Vivian Handley, Age 78

Diabetes, Poor Circulation Backaches, Hair Growth
By Ernie and Janet Perschau

I have been a diabetic for 46 years and had poor feeling and circulation in my hands and feet.
This has improved very much. I can feel my feet again.
I have reduced the amount of insulin intake also.
I had surgery on my shoulders 5 years ago and never did recover the movement
in my arms and shoulders. I couldn't raise my arms and had pain whenever I did any hard work.
The doctor said I had scar tissue.
This has all improved as I am back in the barn doing milking and can reach pipeline
again and do all the other hard work on the farm in the barn with dairy cows.
I have more energy and just feel so much better.
Ernie started using the juice after my improvement.
After taking it for a couple of months, the results he noticed were no more backaches,
muscle cramps, snoring is not so loud or else not at all.
Now if he does do something to give him a backache, we rub his back in the skin
supplement and its better in no time.
His hair is also growing where he was bald.
He also uses the skin supplement as his hair cream.

Ernie and Janet Perschau Glencoe

Diabetic's Eyesight Restored
By Diabetic

I have diabetes which affected my eyes to the point that I went blind.
I had laser surgeries that did not solve the problem.
I was introduced to Noni Juice nearly a year ago.
I started taking three ounces a day and about three months later I could see out of one eye.
To this day, I have continued to have sight in this eye.
I have not begun to see out of the other eye yet, but do not have the pain in it that I always had.
Last week the doctor said that my eye looked just fine.
Also, I can read fine print without glasses, where as I could not before,
even when wearing my glasses.
I am continuing my daily intake of Noni Juice

I'm borderline diabetic, I've been overweight a large portion of my life,
and consequently, I have arthritic knees.

By G. Wilson

I'm borderline diabetic, I've been overweight a large portion of my life, and consequently,
I have arthritic knees, they're completely blown out, and I also have other health problems
with pain and a lot of other things of this nature.
When I started taking Noni, the first thing I noticed, not right off, but within two days,
a lot of the pain in my knees from the arthritis had subsided.
Well, when Noni finally got to the marketplace here in the last three months,
I got on it, and I've been on it since. It's remarkable how quick the pain goes away,
and there's no longer any pain from protecting my knees and back.
One of the things that I was really tickled about, is that before I took Noni,
my blood sugar was up around 190 to 220, and it stayed there.
Because of that, sometimes I'd have a heart flutter, and if the heart speeds up I have to do
all kinds of things to slow it down.
Well, within about a week of taking Noni, my blood sugar had gone down to 120,
and it's been as low as 110, and that was remarkable to me.
I'm really impressed with this product, it's a very unique product, and I've got all
of my family on it, and it's going to have remarkable results.

G. Wilson

Tom's History of Diabetes
By Tom Bender

My name is Tom Bender. I am a seventy-four year old who has been a diabetic
for over thirty-five years. I have experienced the usual problems that come with age and diabetes.
Several years ago, I had two back operations within a six-month period.
The problems that necessitated the second operation seriously weakened the muscles
in my right leg. After that operation, I began walking with a walker.
I eventually graduated to a cane and was able to limp around without the cane,
although I felt more comfortable with it, especially when my arduitic right knee would act up.
I started taking Noni juice, one ounce per day, around the first of November 1996.
At first I noticed little or no difference.
Since my back operations, I had been sleeping on my side.
The problem with this was that about every two hours the pain in my arthritic shoulder
would wake me up, and I would have to roll over to my other side.
One day I awoke to the fact that I was now able to sleep all night on the same side without pain!
About the same time I began to reaae that after getting out of bed or up from a chair
I had to take fewer faltering steps before I could move at my slow pace.
Today I am able to get out of bed or up from a chair and move off with relative ease.
I find that my mobility is improving almost daily. In addition to the increased mobility,
I find that I have little short lived or no body pain whatsoever.
Other good things continue to happen.
Foot care is very critical for diabetics.
The pulse in my feet has always been relatively strong, but I have been losing
the feeling in my feet over the years. Again a realization occurred;
I was beginning to feel the insoles of my shoes and the carpet when walking barefooted with my feet.
At the sarne time my leg cramps at night began to subside.
And last but not least, after about six weeks my blood glucose levels
began to drop dangerously low mid mornings.
I adjusted my morning insulin, and my morning glucose levels were still low.
Next step, I changed my Noni from one ounce in the morning to one-half ounce prior to each meal.
I now have mv blood glucose levels stabilized where I want them.
A word of caution: A diabetic should never change medication
without the knowledge and advice of his or her Care Team.

Tom Bender

Two Kidney Transplants, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Creatinine Level (Normal Now)
By Ren P. Smith

I Have been a type one diabetic since I was a teenager,
and had my first two kidney transplants 12 years ago.
I would like to tell you what Noni Juice has done for me.
I started taking Noni Juice Saturday, September 14, 1996.
Almost immediately I felt I had more energy.
I was sleeping less at night, my sleep was more restful and I had more energy during the day.
I had not experienced a temperature or touch sensation in my feet
for more than 15 years because of neuropathy.
After taking Noni Juice for three days I felt the coldness in my feet
and I could also feel the carpet and tile floors in my home.
I have had arthritis in my hands for the past few years, which has been getting worse.
The swelling in my fingers has gone down and the redness around my joints has disappeared.
I am not experiencing pain from the arthritis and I can even open jars again.
I have blood work done regularly because of my transplants.
For the first time in more than 12 years my creatinine level is normal.
The doctors determine how your transplant is doing by creatinine level in your blood.
All other levels that they test are also excellent and have not been this good since before my transplant.
The other thing I do on a regular basis is take my blood pressure.
Because I have high blood pressure I have been on medication for a number of years.
The first part of November I noticed my blood pressure was getting to low (98/56)
and I was getting lightcaded. I decided to stop taking one of my blood pressure medications, Procardia.
Within a few weeks my blood pressure was still to low
and I stopped taking all my blood pressure medication since the first of November.
Now my blood pressure readings are 120/78.
The only thing I am doing differently is drinking Noni Juice.
I am excited to be feeling so much better and I am thankful
to the people that introduced me to Noni Juice.
Thank you!

Ren P. Smith

Noni Juice, Xeronine, Damnacanthal & Scientific Studies

Dr. Ralph Heinicke - Xeronine and Cell Regeneration

As a researcher in Hawaii, Dr. Ralph Heinicke became aware of the marvelous benefits
of the Noni fruit and set out to find the pharmacologically active ingredient of the Noni.
Dr. Heinicke had spent over 45 years studying the effects of an alkaloid he discovered and
named xeronine. Xeronine is a relatively small alkaloid which is physiologically very active
and important for the proper functioning of all cells in the body. In his research, Dr. Heinicke
discovered that the Noni juice contains appreciable amounts of the precursor of xeronine that he
named "pro-xeronine. "Pro-xeronine releases pure xeronine in the intestines when it comes in contact
with a particular enzyme also found in the Noni Juice.

Dr. Heinicke's theory is that, when released, xeronine actually works at the molecular level
to repair damaged cells. Dr. Heinicke states that the primary function of xeronine is to regulate
the rigidity and shape of specific proteins. Since these proteins have different functions within the
cells, this explains how the administration of Noni Juice causes an unbelievably wide range of physiological
responses. "Some of the problems which drinking Noni Juice might favorably affect are:
high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, arthritis, gastric ulcers, sprains, injuries, mental depression,
senility, poor digestion, atherosclerosis, blood vessel problems, drug addiction, relief of pain,
and many others. Although this list looks like a page torn out of a traveling medicine man's manual,
it is probably conservative."
-Dr. Heinicke When Ralph M. Heinicke received his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota,
he wanted to escape from those cold Minnesota winters and so he took a job with Dole Pineapple
Company in Hawaii. His first assignment was to develop a method to extract the enzyme that caused
pineapple to prevent gelatin deserts from setting up. He found it was an enzyme called bromelain and
in due time he and his coworkers found a way to extract it. Soon the Dole Company found that every day
they had over a thousand pounds of this crude bromelain enzyme extract left over as a waste product.
At the time it had no commercial value, and so the company president asked Dr. Heinicke to see if he
could find some use for this material.
Eventually he found it was a proteolytic enzyme that had some medical applications.
He worked with Smith-Kline and the Rohr pharmaceutical companies to expand its medical use.
In order to get FDA approval for this enzyme he had to refine the crude bromelain extract down
to an extremely pure protease enzyme. Much to his and the drug companies amazement, the more pure
the enzyme became, the less beneficial it was in many of its applications.
Eventually, in its purest state, it had only 5% of its original potency for many of its uses.
Dr. Heinicke was then asked to find what it was they were removing that had given the crude bromelain
extract all of its power.
Meanwhile the giant Japanese drug company Toshiba had also launched a 3 year, 3 million dollar program
to find the same answer. At the end of that time they had used up all their money and not found the answer.
Not one to give up easily, Dr. Heinicke continued his research and eventually found to his great surprise
that the active ingredient was not a protein, carbohydrate or fat, but a substance known as an alkaloid.

Alkaloids are one of the most important classes of phytochemicals known, and are a major source from
which many modern medicines are drawn from Nature. By isolating this alkaloid into a pure state,
he was able to identify is exact chemical structure. Because it could be reduced to a dry crystaline
structure he decided to use the latin prefix "Xero" meaning "dry" as the first part of its name.
Since it was also an alkaline compound he tacked on the suffix "ine" indicating its alkaline nature.
When the prefix and suffix are combined it gives us the word "Xeronine" which means,
"a dry alkaline compound". Which is the descriptive name he chose for the compound he discovered.

Eventually he found that Xeronine was a very important biochemical in the human body and
essential for good health. So essential that the human body has a limited ability to
manufacture it from the raw material found in certain fruits.
Like many other biochemicals produced in the body, he found that positive thoughts
and emotions, along with exposure to art, music, nature and spiritual experiences
increased its production. While negative thoughts, emotions and stressful experiences
suppressed it's production. He also learned that as the body's level of Xeronine declined with age,
stress and a poor diet, the level of health and recovery declined right along with it.


Being a scientist, Dr. Heinicke knew that he would have to find a way to prove the essential nature
of this amazing alkaloid before he or anyone else could really believe this was essential to good health.
During the course of his research through the scientific literature for compounds similar to Xeronine,
he located one that had a chemical structure that was extremely close.

This chemical cousin is called Tetrodotoxin and is the most potent neurotoxic poison known to man.
It is a potent alkaloid found in the Puffer Fish. When Dr. Heinicke discovered this fact he realized
that here was a way to determine for sure whether the Xeronine he had isolated from the pineapple
was essential to human health or not. You see, the only reason the body takes up certain toxic chemical
substances is because they chemically mimic one the body must normally have.
For example, morphine is addictive to the brain only because it chemically mimics natural chemicals
of the brain called endorphines and are taken up by the same receptors in the brain.
Realizing this Dr. Heinicke reasoned that Tetrodotoxin must mimic Xeronine.
If this were true, Dr. Heinicke realized that the presence of Xeronine in the tissues would block
the uptake of the poisonous Tetrodotoxin and prevent its lethal effect.


In a groundbreaking experiment Dr. Heinicke proved the Tetrodotoxin is accepted by the body
only when Xeronine was missing. He did this by taking 30 laboratory mice and dividing them
into 3 groups of 10 each. He gave an injection of the Tetrodotoxin to one group and they all
immediately died. Next he gave an injection of an equivalent amount of Xeronine to the second
group and of course they all lived. Finally he mixed together the amounts of Tetrodotoxin and Xeronine
he had used with the other 2 groups of mice and injected the third group of mice.
Not only did all 10 of these mice live, but unlike mice would normally do who have received an intestinal
injection, they did not curl up in the wood shavings to recover when placed back in their cages.
Instead these mice were alert, energetic, curious and active. Yet these mice had justreceived a lethal dose
of the most powerful neurotoxin known to man.
This experiment had proven that Xeronine is an essential biochemical of good health,
and a natural constituent of the body. Because of this, Xeronine had been preferentially taken
up by the nerve tissue, totally blocking out the highly poisonous Tetrodotoxin,
and provided not only protection, but exceptionally good health and vigor as well.

Anti Cancer Activity

Anti Cancer Activity of Morinda Citrifolia on Intraperitoneally
Implanted Lewis Lung Carcinoma in Syngenic Mice A.

Hirazumi, E. Furusawa, S.C. Chou & Y. Hokama Proc. West. Pharmacol. Soc. 37: 145-146 (1994)

This is a very significant study by a team of researchers from the University of Hawaii
led by Annie Hirazumi. Ms. Hirazumi became interested in the study of the Noni fruit because
of earlier experiences with its amazing qualities. Her father helped a good friend with the juice
of the Noni, and later, Annie administered the pure Noni juice to a pet dog who was dying.
The dog recovered miraculously, and Annie set out to find out more about this incredible fruit.
The study by Ms. Hirazumi and her colleagues was conducted on live laboratory mice
(specifically C57BL/6 mice) specifically identified as very receptive to injected Lewis Lung
Carcinoma cells. The mice were injected with active Lewis Lung Carcinoma cells (LLC).
Untreated, the mice died from 9-12 days after injection from the tumor growth.
A portion of the injected mice were treated with Noni juice in five separate daily treatments.
The Noni juice was shown to significantly increase the life span of the treated mice (from 105% 123%)
with 9 of the 22 mice surviving for more than 50 days. The experiment was repeated on a different lot
of mice with similar results. The Research Team concluded that the Noni juice:
seems to act indirectly by enhancing host immune system involving macrophages and/or lymphocytes.

Induction of Normal Phenotypes in RAS transformed cells by Damnacanthal from Morinda Citrifolia.
T. Hiramatsu, M. Imoto, T Koyano, K. Umezawa Cancer Letters 73 (1993) 161-166

In this study, a team of Japanese researchers studied the effect of over 500 extracts from
tropical plants on the K-ras-NRK cell (a pre cursor to certain types of cancer).
The compound, damnacanthal, found in the Morinda Citrifolia (Noni), was found to be an inhibitor
of Ras function. The research: Ras cells were seeded into 96 plates and incubated at 33 degrees centigrade
for 24 hours. The Noni plant extract was added and the cell morphology was examined every day for five days.
The Ras function was inhibited by the injected plant extract.
This same compound has been found to inhibit the Epstein-Barr virus early-antigen activation.
The extract from the Morinda Citrifolia was found to be most effective in inhibiting Ras function
among the 500 tested extracts.

Anti Cancer Activity

Analgesic and Behavioral Effects of Morinda Citrifolia C. Younos, A. Rolland, J. Fleurentin,
M. Lanhers, R. Misslin, F. Mortier Planta Medica 56 (1990) 430-434

In this study, the team lead by French scientist Chafique Younos, tested the analgesic and
sedative effects of extracts from the Morinda Citrifolia plant. They were aware of the traditional
use of the plant as a general analgesic, and set out to determine if those claims were valid.
The extract was shown to be non-toxic and did "show a significant, dose-related, central analgesic
activity in the treated mice." This study included various experiments on the treated mice
to determine the analgesic effect, if any, from the plant extracts of the Morinda Citrifolia (Noni).
The conclusion of these researchers was that the extract did in fact demonstrate analgesic effects
consistently in each experiment. The conclusion of this study included a simple statement from the authors:
"These findings validate the traditional analgesic properties of this plant "
The above represent only a sample of the research completed on the Morinda Citrifolia plant.
The results are conclusive in each case in showing the validity of the traditional use of the Noni.

Steven M. Hall M.D.

This is from Steven M. Hall, M.D. who on January 7, 1997 reported the following results:
"A 75 y/o male with metastatic prostate cancer, most recent PSA of 55, I added ... Noni
to his conventional treatment regimen and within 2 weeks, his PSA was 1.1."2 (emphasis added).
There is simply nothing else I am aware of that could possibly reduce Prostatic Specific Antigen
from 55 (indicating uncontrolled cancer) to a normal 1.1, and DO IT IN JUST 2 WEEKS.


The power of phytochemicals to promote good health and control cancer is so impressive that
the University of Illinois has created a whole new department with 63 scientists and professors
to specialize in phytochemical research! Let me share with you some of the scientific findings
leading to this major change in research.

Senior Science Advisor to the U.S. Public Health Service, Dr. D.L. Davis states,
"Phytochemicals can take tumors and defuse them. They can turn off the proliferative process of cancer."
At Ohio State University's Cancer Prevention Laboratory, Dr. Mark Morse and colleagues found that
phytochemicals in broccoli known as sulforaphane could reduce esophegeal tumor incidence by as much
as 40% and reduce the multiplication of such cancer cells by 90%.
Dr. Paul Taladay working at John Hopkins Medical Institute has found that this same phytochemical
protected animals from getting cancer even when exposed to cancer causing chemicals.
According to Dr. Joseph Hotchkiss of Cornell University, University, the phytochemicals coumaric acid
and chlorogenic acid are able to eliminate many cancer causing substances from the body.
An epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota, Dr. John Potter, told Newsweek Magazine,
"At almost every step along the pathway to cancer, phytochemicals slow up or reverse the process."
Most of these phytochemicals studied so far are found in ordinary vegetables and culinary herbs.
The problem is the amount in these foods is so low that only if you eat a lot of them for a long time
will they give you protection. If you already have cancer, what you need is a plant that has these
phytochemicals in large enough amounts to go right to work.


When plant scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture studied the amazing Noni plant
they quickly found the secret to its amazing health building power.
It is endowed with a greater number and variety of health giving phytochemicals than just
about any plant known. Dr. James A. Duke is one of the world's most highly respected scientific
authorities on herbs and their phytochemical content. In his authoritative CRC Handbook on Phytochemicals
he has listed 23 different phytochemicals found in Noni as well as 5 vitamins and 3 minerals.
Research on Noni continues at an ever increasing pace with more of its phytochemicals being
uncovered all the time.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Department of Agriculture
maintain a list of plants that have no known harmful ingredients and which over
the test of time with large numbers of people have proven themselves to be safe
for human consumption by the general population. This is known as the GRAS list,
and it stands for Generally Recognized As Safe.
Based on the fact that after careful scientific analysis no harmful
ingredients were found, and the Hawaiian and Polynesian people have been
using this health building herb without harm for thousands of years,

Even though Noni is extremely safe, I would always suggest that the introduction of a new herb
into the diet be approached with caution by anyone known to have food sensitivities,
allergies, or asthma. I would also caution a woman who is pregnant or nursing to consult
her physician before using Noni or any other herb.


Researchers at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine introduced cells containing a strain
of lung cancer known as Lewis Lung Carcinoma nto a group of mice especially bred to be highly
susceptible to this type of cancer. Within 9 to 12 days the mice which were given no Noni were all
dead as a result of the growth of the tumor. However, another group of these same mice were given an
extract of the Noni fruit on five different occasions. At the end of the 12 days when all the untreated mice
were dead, those given the Noni were still alive and doing well! At the end of 24 days,
the Noni treated mice were all still going strong, this was a 100% extension of life!
Actually, 40% which is 9 out of the 22 mice given the Noni, survived for more than 50 days.
This is a lifespan more than 4 times greater than the longest living mouse not receiving the Noni.
This an incredible achievement! Now remember, these were not just any mice, these mice were specifically
bred to succumb to this form of cancer. In this regard, they were "genetically doomed" to be cancer victims.
Yet in spite of this, a simple Noni extract gave these mice as much as 4 times the life span of their
untreated relatives.


I know you are as excited about what you just read as I am, but the best part may be how the Noni
made this incredible achievement possible! Most people would just assume something in the Noni
had killed the cancer cells. But like all good scientists, the researchers at the University of
Hawaii School of Medicine wanted to know exactly how Noni had accomplished its miracle.
What they found was quite surprising, and very important. They discovered that there was nothing
in their Noni extract that killed the cancer cells. What they discovered was that there was
a polysaccharide compound (6-D-glucopyranose pentaacetate) found in the Noni
Do you realize the great significance of that discovery? You see white blood cells have to kill
many things besides cancer cells. They have to defend us against virus, bacteria, yeast, ameba,
parasites and all types of invaders. Since this Noni polysaccharide worked by increasing the overall
killing power of the white blood cells, this means it will most likely enhance that same killing power
against any invader. It indicates Noni is very likely an overall immune enhancing substance that may provide
that little extra which gives you the winning edge when some invading organism attacks your body.


Japanese scientists were looking for a substance to fight cancer.
They searched through over 500 different extracts from tropical plants
looking for something which would inhibit the growth of RAS cancer cells.
These are a particular type of fast growing and very malignant cancer cells that are hard to stop.
Reporting in the journal Cancer Letters, the scientists stated that the Noni extract was
by far the most effective at inhibiting and normalizing RAS transformed cancer cells.
RAS is a normal part of the cell structure in every cell. It is a small protein which is part
of the RNA of the cell and encodes for the reproduction of the cell. Only when it is activated
by a carcinogenic protein within the cell does it trigger the cells to reproduce wildly.
If you can turn off this uncontrolled RAS activity, you stop the cancers growth.8, 9.
What the Japanese scientists found was that one of the phytochemicals in the Noni extract does exactly that!
They found that it was the phytochemical in the Noni extract which goes by the fancy name of
Damnacanthal that does this. When they added the Noni extract to RAS activated cancer cells
they observed them daily for five days. What they saw was incredible!
They reported that slowly, day by day the cells began to change their morphology
(cell structure) back to normal. It is only on the basis of this kind of hard science
that doctors can rely upon the ability of a plant extract to produce the return to good health
now being seen clinically by people who have been struggling with cancer.
No one knows if Noni will produce a return to good health for any specific person,
but the research shows there is a scientific basis for believing that it is possible.
The above represent only a sample of the research completed on the Morinda Citrifolia plant.
The results are conclusive in each case in showing the validity of the traditional use of the Noni.

Noni Promotes Mental Acuity Even After Cell Damage from Heart Bypass Surgery

The body is interconnected in ways that we are just beginning to understand.
Take for instance the new information being released about memory problems after
heart bypass surgery. Recent studies published by Dr. Mark Newman, Duke Medical School,
and reported in the Feb. 08, 01 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine show that about
50 percent of the patients experienced memory and thought problems after undergoing heart bypass
surgery to unblock their arteries. That statistic is surprisingly high to both researchers and those
contemplating heart bypass surgery.

Memory and thought processes are linked to the integrity of the cells found in the brain.
Any damage to these brain cells, even slight damage, may affect mental acuity.
Sometimes brain cells break down due to outside forces such as trauma, and sometimes
the break down occurs from internal forces such as decreased oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
Whatever the cause, out of 3,844 people who I surveyed who wanted to improve their memory
and mental acuity, 74 percent said that drinking Tahitian Noni Juice helped in some way with their memory.
In fact, from the information that I gathered there were three individuals who believed that
they experienced increased memory and concentration after heart bypass surgery, after drinking noni juice.
So what does this all mean? Doctors say people who need to have heart bypass surgery should not
avoid the operation because of Dr. Mark Newman's new findings. Since heart disease can have such
deadly results, it is important for those who have severely clogged arteries to take action
to prevent a possible heart attack. However, I believe that by drinking Tahitian Noni Juice
you may help prevent and even possibly help repair some cellular damage to the brain,
and thereby reduce the risk of thought and memory difficulties.

Research from Duke University also showed that the older the patient, the more likely
he or she was to experience memory decline after heart surgery.
These people should seriously consider drinking noni.

The reason many medical professionals believe that heart surgery is so closely tied
to subsequent memory difficulties is because during the surgery the patient is
often placed on a "heart-lung machine" for a period of time.
Doctors believe that the cells in the brain might somehow suffer damage during that time.
One such theory is that the operation shakes loose small fat particles that have collected
in the chest, and then these particles circulate through the heart-lung machine and back
into the body, eventually making their way into the brain where they can do damage.

Some researchers who have studied Tahitian Noni Juice believe that the juice might be able
to help brain cells through its ability to increase proxeronine in the body that is then delivered
to the damaged areas. (The must abundant source of proxeronine is found in noni.).
In addition to helping increase mental acuity after bypass surgery, Tahitian Noni Juice may also
be used preventatively to help fight against cholesterol and heart disease before it becomes a problem.
This may alleviate the need to undergo the surgery in the first place. In my survey, of 1,643 people
who drank noni juice to help with their symptoms of heart disease, 78 percent reported lessened symptoms.
There were similar positive findings with Tahitian Noni Juice and high blood pressure and stroke symptoms as well.


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